A Christmas Meme

Saving the memes one post at a time. I still don’t have my decorations up so I have to get festive somehow right? Right!

The 12 Meme Questions of Christmas

1. Place you like to buy presents
Online because I dislike going places and dealing with people.

2. Easiest person to shop for
My BroIL. I like to get him raunchy shirts because he likes them and my sister hates them. Heh!

3. Hardest person to shop for
Mr. Paul and my mom. I mean, they have pretty much everything they want and what they don’t have they find at Sam’s or Costco or it’s something I can’t afford to give them (like a trip to Brazil).

4. Christmas music
Sometimes. I don’t listen to them much at home but I do like a good Mormon Tabernacle Choir now and then, perhaps some jazzy alternatives to popular tunes. Absolutely no hippopotamuses or Marshmallow Worlds though.

5. Something you use to decorate your house
This sounds like a question you would get on Family Feud.
BZZZZT “Lights”
“She says lights. Survey says…”

6. Where (or with who) are you planning to spend Christmas?
It was going to be a nice quite Boo and TheMan Christmas but DadQ ran into a bit of medical issues so we are tripping up north. That’s just fine by me, I like Christmas up north.

7. Theme/color scheme of your Christmas tree
Tiny! We have a 2 foot or 3 foot tree so all the ornaments are small things. Other than that, there isn’t much of a theme.

8. Someone you like to buy presents for

9. What are you planning to eat for your Christmas meal?
I do not know. We are traveling on Christmas day so whatever the Qs are eating I guess we’ll be eating too.

10. Something you make for Christmas
Errrmmmm….occasionally cookies.

11. What gets you in the Christmas spirit?
Seeing other people’s lights and trees and such. Both of which I do not yet have up. I might be running out of time here.

12. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?
Is Christmas really in two days? I am so not prepared for that, I haven’t even sat down with myself to ask me what I want! It would be awfully nice if someone would buy the danged condo and I’m always happy about fun colored socks but that’s about all I can think of. I think it makes Christmas a little bit more fun to not be expecting anything so that every present is a surprise. It’s really hard to shop for surprises though so..umm…sorry all you gift givers for not hinting at what I might like you to buy me.

2007: JSFR: Ramune (lychee)

2006: JSFR: Cheese Pretz

2005: Actually, maybe I just like the lemon brandy sauce cuz it goes pretty well on run cake too.

2004: Truly, this town scrambles the snow removal equipment hours after they should have been out and back in. Damn city.

2003: For those of you playing at home, a crock pot isn’t the best thing to melt chocolate in.

2002: My kitties go to 11.

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