Just Mumbling

Blather Blather. Not much going on really, just stuff and sleep. Taaaasty taaasty sleep.

Hey, you know when the post says “draft” and there is an option on a pull down menu that will change the status to “publish” but you are in a hurry to get out of work so you just slap an entry up there and shut down and then come in the next morning only to say to yourself “Self, didn’t we post something yesterday?” Don’t know a thing about any such activities. Nope. Moving on.

My poor man is sick today. Yesterday I was all but dead asleep on my feet so I opted out of the Wednesday thing and climbed into bed almost immediately upon entry to the house. Oh! We are home! Zzzzzzzz. I slept until 8ish and then got up to tool around in EQ some.

The frog cracks me up.

I spent some time tooling around (re: getting lost) and doing this and that and generally amusing myself until Shar and Dirge discovered I was on-line. Within minutes they zipped over and handed off the equipment packs Dirge put together. I gotta say, the frog looks goo-ood in her new fighting gear, even if the helm has this weird crest that makes it look sort of like a hood ornament. Somehow, it fits. I took the frog out and killed some more things and lo! When the frog hit, SMACK things started going down in one or two hits. Yeah, about that hitting thing…froggie gots some practicing to do. wfff…wfff…wfff…You have hit a gobblin for 20 points!wff…wff…wff…. It wasn’t pretty. I had the frog standing around and getting smacked by skeletons because froggie’s defense sucks pretty badly too. After about five minutes of getting thumped, I managed to get the defense raised to almost not quite on par with the frog’s level…more or less. The trouble with twinking’s that, eventually it becomes hard to deal with the stats that haven’t gotten properly practiced due to zooming through the levels.

The Frog has some funny moves too. When TheMan came home we were playing with camera angles and watching me drive the frog around and jump and this and that. Walking was the funniest though; my frog’s got ‘tude! She saunters. I didn’t get the frog as leveled as I wanted to because we were having too much fun watching the frog and laughing.

Eventually we switched out (Oooo! Dirge found a power supply and ordered it so the sock system gets ever closer to being ready. Good thing too, EQ sucks when you are playing it both on one computer and one account. Poor Man will have to recreate his character though) and TheMan grabbed his bag of goodies and went out to kill things while I returned to bed. He had him some grand fun (good equipment makes the game) and then he retired to bed as well where I was again dead to the world. Miracle of miracles. I swear it takes me an hour to an hour and a half to get to sleep most nights. UGH!

The only other interesting thing that happened was that I found my other wedding earring. I usually take off my jewelry and flop it on the dresser and then, sometime later, put it away. Wednesday night I had 2 diamond earrings happily sitting out on top of the dresser, Thursday morning after I whirlwind cleaned the crap out from around the floor near the dresser, I discovered that I only had one earring. Wah! My wedding earrings! *sniff* I was thoroughly sad because I looked for it in and around and under the dresser and it was just gone. I figured there was no hope short of some fantastic miracle of finding it because of my vigorous flinging of floor stuff hither and thither (but not yon, room is not that big) could have landed said earring just about anywhere. *sigh*

Yesterday, in a last fit of “I refuse to believe my lovely wedding earring is gone for good” I grabbed a handy flashlight and crawled all over the floor peering everywhere I thought it might have gotten flung to and lo! Guess what? Sitting all happy like under the dresser in a 3 inch ball of cat fuzz and nestled up against catnip mouse was my earring. It was NOT there the day before. It was also close to being on its way down the heat vent. I fished both my earring (YAY!) and catnip mouse out (much to the freaky joy of my spaztastic cats) and everyone lived happily ever after. That is until I had to kill and eat Vande for madly chasing the “new” catnip mousie with much enthusiasm all over the freaking place for hours last night. Cats.

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