Tis The Night Before Christmas

And I STILL have no decorations up. Sadly, at this point I think I am going to have to admit holiday shiny defeat. *sniff*

Today was a really weird work day. The building closed at 6pm for a week plus and yet we had three patrons working furiously right up to the end. What’s that about? This year isn’t an exception either, more often than not there is someone printing a paper up to the last minute or making copies. It makes shutting the building down more difficult when someone’s running around all “AHHHH! WAIT! WAIT!”

Our travel plans were altered slightly so we’re not leaving at oh-dark-hundred. Instead, we’re carpooling up with DQ at the more reasonable hour of ‘the sun is actually out’. I still don’t have anything done yet. Am I packed? No. Do I even have the laundry done to pack? No. Are the presents wrapped? Pssssht. Horde? Still going strong. Do I feel like a nap? Oh hell yes.

I think I am going to do some laundry/dishes/packing napping. See ya later!

2007: I have no idea how the front of the table and the window in back are both in focus and none of the people in between are. I guess Iā€™m just that good at taking pics or something.

2006: JSFR: Fruits Pretz

2005: Heisa, dann ist Weinachtstag!

2004: Laundry napping and not updating.

2003: I’ll be sneaking back later in the quiet wee hours after Christmas when I’ll gut you and eat your innards. I’m so HUNGRY ho. ho. ho.

2002: I’m going up north for TheMan’s family holiday AND I’m still wearing sandals! I could not be happier. Have a happy Christmas y’all.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Say hi to DQ for me! Although by this time, you’ve probably already seen her. Nevermind šŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!!!!

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