Whatever, I’m hungry and I havent had time to really sit down and relax yet today. WAH! Work! *sniff*

Well, I have been thinking about writing this and I tried on my morning break to start it but I never got a break and then I sat down for lunch at about 2:30 after running around like a headless chicken but my new assistant finished her official orientation stuff so I got maybe 15 minutes of lunch before I was up and training her and then I started to get ready to write for my afternoon break but my assistant needed to have her hand held through the training (because, duhhh, it’s her first day) and there was nothing I could send her to do while I took a break so that hasn’t happened and lo! It’s about 4:53.

So I’m going to do a 7 minute update and call it good. SAST here I come!

TheMan and I got talking about the whole repopulate the Earth with 8 women and 800 men with an eye to can it really be done? It was an interesting discussion full of things we didn’t know that would have really helped in deciding if there was enough genetic diversity using only 8 breeding mothers. Some of our important missing information includes: What is the maximum number of births a human body can withstand? What is a good realistic number of births given this situation. Assuming the introduction of fertility drugs (which tend to produce multiple births) what is the average number of viable offspring per birthing? And then there was the question of how long the original birthing mothers would be viable, what the general age spread of our population was among the males (and females but that was easier, I think the film introduced us to all 8), could all the oldest males sire offspring before they died…that sort of thing. We got into W0, M1 (which we decided would be removed permanently from the population in order to keep the diversity going) etc. It was a stimulating piece of think and I’m still curious.

I am HONGRY! But, I have not had a brownie or cupcake, both of which were in numerous supply all day from the feast yesterday. They did call to me but I resisted! Now I want to go to Applebees because my stomach just jumped my pancreas and tried to eat it for a snack.

I played a little EQ last night, got the frog up to 11. I’m thinking I might go for trying to get a level a night. Maybe. If I feel like it. We shall see. I do kind of want to play tonight because I’m in a bleh meh mood and nothing seems like a better waste of time than EQ for the way I feel. Well Applebees first, EQ next. On the cool note, Dirge located a power supply that ought to be here by Friday if not before so TheMan and I might be EQing together as soon as this weekend.

OK, times up, gotta go. Ciao!

Last Year at the booniverse: My knuckles hurt! They were all puffy and oozy and tender yesterday and today they were better but now I keep bumping them on stuff and reminding myself that OW that HURTS!

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