Ohmigod, It’s BOXING DAY!

Boxing Day? Little Kitty’s mind would explode if she knew there was an entire day devoted to boxes.

Hi all, we’re up north safe and sound. The kitties stayed home this trip and are relaxing it all Risky Business style. They best clean up their cat puke from partying all night long before we get back. That’s all I’m sayin.

We drove up Christmas day, which was a really weird trip. Practically nobody likes to travel the long haul distance on Christmas so we just zoomed the whole way. There is also nothing open except BPs and the Truck Stop Family Dining in St. Ignace. It’s a tasty place to stop and eat, especially when everything else isn’t serving anything. Sooooo hungry!

I’d do a Christmas loot thing save that a good deal of my loot was a whole fist full of Japanese Snacks from Santa DQ. Is this year two of Christmas DQ snacks? It is! I also got a bag full of awesome fabric which will be made into shirts from MomQ. HAWSOME! There was also the traditional stocking nuts and coffee. Mmmmmm.

Oh hey wait, I’m going to be doing a loot thing at the JSFR. Heh, I love snacks.

So how do the northern dwelling Qs celebrate Boxing Day? Crafts! We’ve been doing crafty projects all day long save for a quick outing to some crafty shops places. I’m trucking on crochet Project B and Other Super Surprise Project while TheMan is in the piano room digitizing old records. I had no idea that Turkey in the Straw was recorded as far back as1895. Is that a civil war tune?

DQ is learning and or practicing Celtic knot working and MomQ is up sewing. We’re a happening bunch up here I tell you.

2007: He was so mad that he growled at his food as he ate it.

2006: Merry Christmas y’all, it looks like poo out. Wheee.

2005: JSFR: Just Black Cocoa Wafer

2004: It took me two bazillion shots to realize exactly how the camera worked in close up zoom. This is one of two shots that did not come out looking like fuzzy white dots on a fuzzier blue white background. Ansel Adams I am not.

2003: Lots of happiness for everyone! And booze.

2002: Shhhhh…don’t mention boxes.

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