Not Now, I’m Bragging

That is one finished Project 3B and one finished Other Super Surprise Project (otherwise known as Michener Everett Nefling’s Christmas present). BEHOLD!

No really, BEHOLD! because project 3B took me almost exactly two years to make and assemble. Not only that but the dark blue which is bordering and stitching the swatches together is supposedly the same dark blue that is in the nefling’s blanket (and also bordering it, which you can’t see and this makes me sad). Except it’s not, which I found out when I thought I had lost my ball of Project 3B blue and used a length of Nefling blue to continue piecing together the swatches. Grrr! Fortunately my ball of 3B blue came back from wherever it had gotten off to and I finished up my second ever piece together blanket. 3B ball of blue lasted about 6 inches longer than I needed it to which provided a bit of nervous entertainment as I rounded the home stretch of bordering.


This explains a lot of what I was doing over our up north vacation. A lot of lot of what I was doing. Those little squares (well hexagons technically) take much longer to stitch together than I always remember. And the Nefling’s blanket was done but for weaving in the ends and edging. Man, I hate weaving in the ends. I did quite a bit of other things as an excuse to not be weaving in ends but eventually ends was all that was left. So I did them. Hate. We did watch quite a bit of marathon TV while crafting. I think Christmas was the Mythbusters run and Friday was Dirty Jobs. One of the days was 24 hour House and then CSI. Of course you can always watch CSI so…

We also caught the Numbers episode with Wil Wheaton which was cool. TheMan and I have broken up with our cable TV so the chances of catching that particular Numbers, which I had wanted to see, was pretty slim. I’m somewhat suspicious that this is all the cable people’s crafty plan to get us to come back. See what we miss when we don’t have cable? That one episode of Numbers that you actually wanted to watch! Come back and we’ll run all the episodes you ever wanted to see of anything! Please?

Our cable is taking the break up a bit hard.

We’re back now, safe and sound with lots of finished projecty things under our collective belts. I think I hear Warcraft calling so I’ll bit yous adieu for now.

2007: JSFR: Kit Kat (Green tea milk)

2006: Does Lagniappe sound like a cross between an Italian dish and some sort of lung malady to you?

2005: Eventually I went and got a hot cup of tea, my buffalo socks and my slips and sat in front of the fire. Now, I’m almost warm…almost.

2004: TheMan and I made the mad s’getti sauce for dinner Tuesday and are going to try the Wok Killing Fish Dinner on Thursday (we have, hopefully, a non wok killing plan in the works).

2003: I went up, noted again that the sink is draining slow and said “To hell with Cheetos!” (yeah, it sorta spooked me too) and I made the special trip back down to get the darn Draino.

2002: Well OK then, my bad. The twelve days start at Christmas and continue through to the 6th of January (25…26…27…) Errr, the 5th of January.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Our cable is taking the break-up pretty hard, too! They refuse to admit that we’re broken up….

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