House of Plague and Chores

Hey yo. Happy…good grief, is it only Wednesday? I was going to wish y’all a happy Thursday but then I thought “Wasn’t this morning, which is a foggy distant blur, trash day? Trash day is Wednesday. Uhhhhh…” It also explains why I was so confused reading Alessar’s journal. He was all sad and bored that yesterday wasn’t TV day, which apparently happens to be Wednesday for him. THAT threw me for a loop but I’m OK now that I have realized I was a day off. I have an excuse, I’ve been sleeping all day.

Yeah, I woke up with some sort of evil cold thing that had me dizzy and gut rumbly and dreadfully tired. Bizarre. So I stayed home and tried to get some sleep because sleep is good for sick people. Everyone knows that. Sleep from a fevered state of mind also happens to be responsible for creating some freaky bizarre and really disturbing dreams. My beaut had to do with being in a house that was my grandma’s, but not (in that freaky dream reality sort of way), and having to block up all the windows in the tunnels below so the horrible creatures that were out there couldn’t get in. Mind you, we never saw the creatures but they were “out there” just waiting to eat you if you went outside or upstairs. The chick who was stopping up all the windows with pillows kept taking my sleeping pillow too, which I thought was quite unfair. There were tons of throw pillows but at every window I would have to yank my pillow out of the window frame and explain to her again that I didn’t want her to use my pillow AND that there were plenty of other pillows to use instead. Bitch kept grabbing my best sleeping pillow, how was I supposed to catch a comfy 40 winks before the monsters came in and ate us?

There was also a guy who stabbed himself in the side with a plastic spoon and my mom wanted me to send Rob out to get help. Heh, I told her “Hell no! I like Rob and you KNOW that if you send him outside he’s going to get eaten. Just let this dude die, he did it to himself anyway, see?” That’s me, full of compassion. Some dude is bleeding to death in one of my grandma’s beds (which wasn’t but was) and I’m all “Good for him”. After that, I went to find the weirdos and get them into the tunnels but they were scared and meowing up a storm (which attracted the monsters) and kept going up into the top floors (where the monsters eat you) and of course I had to follow them up and haul their furry asses back down into the tunnels. They would not shut up either so finally I had to abandon them and hope their instincts kept them from getting eaten.

Just before I woke up, the whole thing turned into a sort of monster turf war and all the hiding and whatnot was sort of moot as the monsters didn’t really give a rip about us, I don’t think, but were more interested in burning down houses and blowing each other up. Of course, given the chance they would have loved to eat us so we all had to stay in the tunnels. So when I woke up at 11ish, I decided that even though I was still tired there was no way I was going back to sleep and having another freaky ass dream like that one so I got up and tooled around.

For being sick I sure got a lot of stuff done. I am about 1 or 2 loads from being totally done with the laundry (which includes folding AND putting away, thankyouverymuch) and I puttered about in EQ and got my level for the day already. It makes up for not being able to get online yesterday until late, at which point I was already fast asleep. This cold must have been sneaking up on me because I was tired Monday, dead tired yesterday and sick today. DSL went all freaky yesterday and it took TheMan about 2 hours to straighten it out and in those two hours I went from “I WANNA PLAY EQ!” to “I just wanna go to slzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”. I love my man, he puttered and dinked and finally got everything working right as rain. I, on the other hand, got 2 load of laundry started before I was out like a light.

YAY! TheMan is home from errands. I’m going to close this up and go give him a big hug. See ya tomorrow, whatever day that happens to be!

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