Leicester’s Bright Orange and Stilton is Blue

Once more into the breach of old cheeses!

While up north vacationing, we made a stop in at the local food co-op for this or that. The co-op also had specialty cheeses (yay) so we picked up a few for nomming and general blogging. The last part was more my idea but it does add to the growing cheeses of England and plus…cheese!

They were out of Drunken Irish Cheddar which made me cry. *sniff*. Instead we picked up Drunken Goat (a Spanish derived cheese) which wasn’t nearly as good as it would have been if it were the Drunken Irish Cheddar. Drunken Goat is a softish cheese with a nice light red wine flavor. I wasn’t so enamored of this cheese but it went over like an awesome cheesey thing with the rest of the Qs. Drunken Goat also goes extremely well with pesto.

Red Dragon was our next cheese, hailing from Abergauenny, Wales. I think this was the cheese of the evening because it went fast. Plus, it was very tasty. It’s a lightly sweet decently softish cheese with mustard seeds. Delicious, awesome mustard seeds that gave this cheese a nice kick. Mmmmmm.

Then, from Finland – yes, Finland! – we procured a wedge of Lappi. Finland! I can’t get over that. Lappi is also a softer cheese that hints vaguely of cheddar. We decided that it would make a most excellent sammich cheese being all softish and lightly cheddary. It also went disturbingly well with the chili lime chips.

Fromager d’ Affinois rounded out our evening. This cheese was a very squishy cheese in the brie squishy sense. The previous cheeses were just soft like a soft gouda but this one was definitely gooey. It also had herbs and garlic and a nice attitude. Kind of like Brie with a backbone (and garlic. Mmmmm). TheMan gave this a thumb up and he doesn’t particularly like squishy brie cheeses.

Oh I lied. The last cheese was Stilton because when we got it last it was fantastic. This Stilton was more like blue cheese on steroids than the wonderful salty goodness of the last one TheMan and I tried. It was as if some blue cheese had gone horribly wrong so they slapped “Stilton” on it and sold it. YUCK!

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  1. Kevin Says:

    I don’t know about Drunken Irish Cheddar, but the Kerrygold continues to rock my world.

  2. boo Says:

    What what what is Kerrygold? I MUST NOW!

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