Three and a glass halvsies of wine

…a wafer thin mint anyone?

So, yeah, eating. Note to self: Next birthday (and birthdays after that) plan only one meal of eating out. Oh My Goodness was there food! First there were the scones and mocha, then my coworkers made cake, brownies and magic bars (on top of my cookies that I brought in), and then there was lunch with the mumses. Mmmm, seared yellowfin! And of course the brandy chocolate mousse. Then dinner.

I tell you, I was so looking forward to karate if only to help with the digestion of food so I could go out and enjoy dinner. Dinner was delish, cumulating in the world famous cappuccino caddy and the 3+ glasses of wine. Hey, it wasn’t MY idea to keep refilling my wine glass. Then again, TheMan had to drive home so it was better him than me. Next time we are going to have to bring another person along just to help with the wine tho, that was too much. The cappuccino helped in the fight against the wine so I did manage to get out of the restaurant without incident which is a good thing. Unfortunately, the great wine cappuccino war of 03 went on for quite a while and it was only after the dessert switched sides and allied with the wine did I get any sleep. I wonder exactly what I am doing to my body sometimes.

So that was the big day. I did get some cool presents, the coolest by far was a plane ticket to France. I’M GOING TO FRANCE! TheMan is scheduled to fly off with the transweb team to gay Niece and I was originally all set to go with him but then this wedding thing came up. I decided, much as I wanted to go, that it would be better off for our bank accounts if I stayed home. The Mumses and Mr. Paul would hear none of that! If TheMan was going to France, then by golly I was going to be going with him! How cool is that? My mumses and Mr. Paul rock!

I also got a bottle of French wine and a “Learn to Speak French” million audio CD thing (of doom). Not that I ever wanted to speak French (I’m trying to re-learn my German and I want to learn Japanese and now French???) but it’s by the same company that Rob recommended for the learn to speak Japanese so that cant be bad. Good show Mumses and Mr. Paul on that. So, I’m going to be learning French. Heh, who woulda thought.

And last surprise of all, Mom and Dad Q sent me a present! Whooo! I got the world’s best hand cream ever. Heh, everyone I know rocks lately. I think I like this corner of the world I am living in.

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  1. The Man Says:

    Hey! I just noticed: three of your gifts started with the letter ‘P’! Paesano’s, Plane and Pimsleur!

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