Birthday Wishes and Boring Work Stuff

HaHO! And a Happy Birthday to Dirge, Gewn and Addie. May they all never run out of people to elbow, cheese or sparkly shiny things (in that order). Oooo! Sparkly shiny things…

Hey, I’m back at work. I’m working too (well not NOW because I’m writing) and I’ve been busting butt all day. I need a break, this 8 to 5 thing is KILLING me! I would so be shot if I was Chinese…or maybe I’d have to be a refrigerator to get shot but give me a steady pace of work and by 4 I’m burned out. Got a lot done though AND I got one of the librarians in trouble too. Not a bad day’s work.

Most of what I’ve been doing is updating stuff here and there. We have these cheat sheets for people wanting to find info on X topic and the Librarians have taken to updating these critters (and a good thing it is, one of them is dated 1986 or so. Up to date and current!). They are all keen on having every single cheat sheet topic glommed into one GIGANTIC REFERENCE CHEAT SHEET DOCUMENT OF DOOM (and oh hey, look! Convenient book form for publishing…wheee!) yet they keep them filed individually for practical everyday use. I gave it some thinks (because I’m the one who has to deal with them mostly in their filed form) and told them I was NOT going to be plowing through one SUPER GIANT HUGE document of doom to print out two pages of BlahBlah topic so we were going to also have an individual topic document format as well. So there! Well, OK yeah, I just made more work for myself, now having two formats to keep updated instead of one, but if there is one thing I hate it’s plowing through 300 plus pages to find 2 pages of YaddaYadda stuff. Aint gonna do it!

And that is what’s driving my world today. Don’t you all wish you had my job? Oh go on, you know you are writhing in jealousy right now as you read. I’m on to you!

The highlight of my day (well, actually updating was pretty mind numbing happy work and it made the day go fast so work wasn’t as painful as it can be) so far was lunch with Dirge. He has transferred up town so now I can pop over and go out to lunch, which is cool. Besides, he works at the other place I get my Japanese Snack Food stuff (yeah, I’m working on it, be patient!) so it’s a two fold trip. I didn’t get anything this time out because I was dazzled by the wall of Pucca. Who knew stuff filled fishy (or octopusy, depending on your POV) cracker critters could come in so many flavors or sizes! Those crazy Japanese! I couldn’t begin to make up my mind so no new snack food today.

Lunch was tasty even though we ate out at the same place as last time. I think we are the two laziest people ever:

Boo: Hey, we doing lunch?
Dirge: Sure. Where?
Boo: I dunno, I came up with the OUT idea, you have to come up with the where idea.
Dirge: Well, there’s the band-aid pizza place, they have good food and the place we ate last time. Dunno what else is around here.
Boo: Ixnay on the B-A.P.P. Greek?
Dirge: Too far.
Boo: I guess it’s the same old again.

That’s OK, they have decent food. The waitress was pretty funny, she was this nervous thing that seemed almost apologetic to interrupt with out meals or water or whatever. I blame Dirge. Heh.

After work (hey, which is right now!) we are going over with goodies in tow. Why am I still here? Sheesh! Laters all, I’m off to parTAY!

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