Oreo Truffles

Here’s the last post of 2008 and I feel like I’m cheating because this is a recipe AND it’s perhaps the simplest recipe I’ve yet posted. However, these little doogers are fan-freekin-TASTIC so I think I’m rounding out the year on a good note.

This recipe is from one of TheMan’s coworkers and was delivered word of mouth so the fiddly little bits weren’t necessarily included as much as they were understood. Or experimented with. This is how I wound up making them but I’m sure there is room to play.

1 Package of Oreos (plus or minus any that happen to be eaten to check quality control)
1 8oz package of cream cheese
1 package CandyQuick

Finely crush Oreos as if you were making a graham cracker crust. Add cream cheese to Oreo dust, mix until well blended. Roll Oreo mix into 1 inch balls. Chill balls in fridge/freezer until firm (1-2 hours in the freezer, maybe 3-4 hours in the fridge?). Prep dipping chocolate according to package instructions. Dip balls in chocolate and let set up. Eat.

Production notes
Starting with the Oreos, I used a package of regular single stuffs. I suppose you could use double stuffs or even some of the more seasonal and esoteric Oreos if you wanted to. I also hand crushed these fellas because I was too lazy to get out the food processor to properly grind the cookies into a decent dust. Hand crushing takes a bit longer than food processing so there might have been more quality control testing of whole Oreos than the recipe entirely calls for. On the other hand, I don’t have a proper mortar and pestle but I do have a 4 cup glass measuring cup and an over sized pizza wheel with a nice round crushing handle. Did you know that there isn’t much room between the pizza wheel guard and the pizza wheel? Those things are sharp! So yeah. I recommend going with the processor or a proper set of crushing cooking equipment if you are going to take on the Os.

I did use the Kitchen-Aid to mix in the cream cheese. It took maybe 7-10 minutes of blending.

My mother used to dip candy way back when so I have some experience with that. She used to always have the butter creams and caramels in the fridge up until right before we were to dip them in order to keep the centers from becoming a gooey mess. I can’t remember how long she had them in there, perhaps overnight but the Oreo mix is more like a butter cream as far as candy centers go. If you have experience, treat the Oreos the same as butter creams. I had a limited amount of time so one hour in the freezer was all they got. Oh, and about an hour in the car waiting to be dipped but it was mighty cold outside so I’m counting that as part of the cool time. Even so, by the end the balls had started to warm up and were getting mooshie. We chucked them outside again for about 20 minutes once they were all dipped because we couldn’t wait for the chocolate to set up normally.

Chocolate! TheMan’s coworker used CandyQuick which is a chocolateesque coating that you can microwave smooth. It’ll stay dippable for quite some time and it has a decently tasty flavor. We tried both the milk chocolate, pictured above, and white, which were eaten too fast to snap a pic of. Oreo mix + White dipping stuff = win! Otherwise, you could get the double boiler system out and melt real candy chocolate all proper like. Of course if you are like me and have no double boiler then CandyQuick is awesome. Plus, it’s Oreo filling…does it really need fanCAY candy chocolate?

Happy New Year, eat well!

2007: I feel like I should do a year in review or something. It would probably look like this though: WoW (the game), some books but not as many as I wanted to read. More WoW (the game), my grandma died, even more WoW (the game) and some work. That’s pretty boring.

2006: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (seaweed)

2005: It sounds like a pretty cool retirement thing, puttering around after your travel bug and then going to all the places.

2004: After that fun and excitement, and breakfast, the fam (minus TheMan and I) decided to go out shopping for stuff and stuff and they game back with a GPS receiver.

2003: Have a happy New Years all of you out there, we are off to feed the bunnies and grab some coke.

2002: Crushing Oreos and not updating.

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