Quarter Inch Splinter

And other weekend tales. Oh look, house guest!

I have successfully lived through another two solid months of posting. Huzzah! It felt very weird to blow off Friday and to be down to only one JSFR a weekend (sorry Junkies) but I suppose I’ll get used to it soon enough. Now I just have to keep an eye out for those ‘every day in the history of the booniverse’ days and I’m golden until November. I’m still working on “last year at the booniverse” linking the 2008 entries, which I blew off, and I’m hoping to get them done before I lap them. I started slacking in February so I’ll need to get a wiggle on.

Other weird things: Coming back from up north we hit Flint around 4:30 and were surprised by heavy traffic fouling up our roads. What’s this? What are these people DO-ING! Of course it dawned on us that not everyone has the week off between Christmas and New Year’s (U perk babE) and we had managed to hit Flint at rush hour. Surreal. In fact, all week save New Year’s Day we had to remind ourselves that everyday work life was continuing on while we were vacating.

Yeah I know. You working Joes feel awfully sorry for us.

Friday we packed up and buzzed out to my mumses’s house for Christmas before tootling over to the nearby Italian place for their anniversary celebration dinner. My step grand folks are Jehovah’s Witnesses so they technically can’t celebrate anything but anniversaries, thus they wanted to take us all out. Awwww! But first, Goodies! We gave Mom and Mr. Paul promissory wine which we should have just said “We’ll make you some plum wine.” No sooner did they read the “Whatever kind of wine you want” than they both said “PLUM!” Apparently, the plum went over quite well. Hopefully we won’t have a weird spring and wind up with another busted crop of plums.

I got 2 sets of flannel sheets (SQUEEE!) and flannel house pants. It was a very flannel Christmas. Then it was to dinner and some tasty Italian cuisine but not before I slid around on my mom’s floors and picked up a ginormous splinter in the knuckle callous of my big toe. I pulled out about an eighth inch of wooden flooring from my sock and said “Ouchie” but figured that I had gotten everything. Not so. Saturday morning my toe was still throbbing so I cut away some callous and lo! A quarter inch more wood was still lodged in my foot. Ouchies^2. Now I have a ridiculous taped up toe because band-aids will not stay put on feet and I want to keep the hole in my foot clean so it can get better.

Saturday was Warcraft well into the night but both TheMan’s character and my character dinged 79. One! More! Level! We were trying to clear out all the quests in one area (and thus get the achievement of ‘having cleared out all the quests in this one area’) except the last few noodly quests kept zooming off into different zones to talk to somebody or other. 114 of 115 quests and every time we finished a quest it would still be 114 of 115 plus one quest completed in the new zone. ARRRGH! Sometime around 2am and several FedEx quests later I looked up and lo! I wasn’t tracking the quests anymore. Because I had gotten the achievement. Somehow. No KABWONG of achievementness, no special happy fun screen badge, no giant guild announcement (there is usually an earth shattering KABWONG noise followed by the achievement badge materializing on your screen and a guild announcement). It was like the game was all “Alright already. Here’s your darned achievement. Quit your moaning. GEEZ!” and plop the book keeping happened. It was very anticlimactic. We went to bed.

Sunday I did laundry. Two sets of flannel sheets will put a mighty strain on the laundry pile so I up and decided to do a little laundry napping followed by some laundry crafting. No laundry JSFRing happened though (sorry Junkies). After dinner, the sis and fam came over with Meow, who we are watching for a couple of weeks while Michener Everett Nefling gets shown off to the other set of grandparents. In Florida. Hate. Vande Cat did not appreciate the new guest one bit and there was a bit of a kerfluffle in the kitchen while we jockeyed around trying to get Meow upstairs. So far, Meow is loving it and Vande isn’t so bright about there being another cat behind the door. See no evil, is no evil. Her mission is accomplished.

2008: JSFR: KitKat (peach).

2007: Big splinter, no time for updating.

2006: Freekin huge splinter, actually.

2005: Awwwww! Makes me want to take them home and drink them up. Oh wait, I did.

2004: Or, more correctly, ‘es schneit noch’, since I don’t think it ever really stopped from last night. Hard to say, I work underground.

2003: Not reading and not updating. 0 and 2.

4 Responses to “Quarter Inch Splinter”

  1. Kevin Says:

    It’s so weird to hate in those little Vande eyes.

  2. Boo Says:

    That’s Meow with the brimmin het lasers shooting from her eyes. She’s actually a much friendlier cat than Vande but has perfected the “Feck! Off!” look like no other cat I know.

  3. TeacherPatti Says:

    That picture just cracks me up. Poor kitteh is soooo unhappy. She doesn’t even want your stinkin’ cheeseburger.

  4. Kevin Says:

    Wow! Meow and Vande really *are* related! Maybe they’re afraid of being swapped out for each other, changeling-style.

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