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First things first, the Japanese Snack Food Review is back from hiatus. Whooo. I like me the strawberry corn doodles better even though they looked like shrimp. Maybe because they looked like shrimp, or maybe because there was no doubt that the flavor was none other than strawberry. Then again, I do like some good strawberry candy like things so…

Anyway, first things second (and really in no particular order other than ummm, well I’m really hungry and the JSFR is/was a quasi part of the weekend gig for the booniverse so that went up first) I have added BoxJam’s doodle to the Chucklesnort section of the list. I even switched things up a bit and put the who and whats that I read further towards the top. Go meander over to BoxJam’s Doodle and give it a read. I’ll wait, it’s worth it. In fact, I’ll wait until you have gone through the archives because you really ought to go through the archives to get the flavor of the Doodle. There is some really funny stuff there and it’s blue! Have you seen my Doodle? It’s blue!

Man, I am such a geek and I have no idea why. I, of course, e-mailed Bup, the creator of the Doodle and asked for permission to link permanently (because I believe in doing that sort of thing. You never know when someone’s gonna get all hot and bothered because you have linked them without permission and they have a thing against axe murderer freaks putting their site up on the favorites list) and he was amiable to the linking and even said that I could something or other computer stuffity stuff with the Doodle, which I interpreted as post a (credited/linked) Doodle on the booniverse if I saw fit (and which was later confirmed by TheMan, who speaks computer stuffity stuff-ease). I am not the most computer savvy person on the face of this earth but I’m pretty good at extrapolating for the most part. Well, save when the occasion includes a burning hatred of Internet Explorer coupled with a desire to exorcise it from my computer that instant and a little but kind of important system operating file named explorer.exe. Hey, we all extrapolate badly on occasion. Did you know you have to shell out to DOS mode to delete explorer.exe? Fear my skillz!

ANYHOW, Bup sent the “OK to link” e-mail back and said he was off to explore the booniverse. Immediately upon reading said e-mail a *SQUEEE* of major proportions happened over at the Q house. Whooo! A real somebody said they were going to read my stuff! Then I realized the current entry was the gladiatorial world of sports discussion (I still say tigers are a good fix for many situations. We spent a good part of the weekend pointing and shouting “Tigers!” with intent at idiots who pissed us off. It’s at least therapeutic) and I thought “Oops. That’s not the best entry to have a new person jump in and read”. So far I haven’t gotten an e-mail that says “Yeah, umm, about that linking thing? I changed my mind.” so this is a good thing. Otherwise I’d have to come up with an expression that conveys the opposite of *squeee*, whatever that may be. Bah, to hell with creativity…”You! Tigers!”


Maybe I’ll come up with a “Best of boo” (yeah, after the “about” and “cast” pages I have been meaning to write and didn’t I promise a wine review at one point in time too? Hey look, I finally got a Chucklesnort up and the JSFR back in gear, gimmie a break!) or a guide to the good stuff so you don’t have to wade through the mire for the golden nuggets of booness. I’d do that too, unfortunately I rather liked the whole gladiatorial sports discussion entry…especially the tigers so maybe I’m not the best judge for the best of boo. Or maybe I’m uniquely qualified to be a judge of what’s best of me, just utterly doomed to a readership of 4 loyal people. 5 if it’s a small entry. Eh.

Other notable things that have happened in and about the Q house this weekend included the Friday Fish Fry thing with DQ and some Stargate SG-1 watching action. TheMan and I have had this box of “Pub Batter” for fish for a while and Friday we cracked out some fish, a wok and some Ore-Ida fries and had ourselves a good old fashion fish fry (except that it was at home and we had to use a wok as a deep fryer). I must say the fries? Oh the fries. Wait a minute, I seem to have gone to my happy place. Awww, man the fries were pure mana from heaven (or, actually, the wok). Yum fries.

Where was I? Fries…oh right. The fish we decided would have also been the bomb if we had eaten them fresh out of the grease but alas we waited until they were all fried before digging in. Plus, we had no tartar sauce. Still, the batter fried up crispy bubbly golden like fish fry batter is supposed to so next time when we eat them plasma hot from the oil we will have not only golden fry wonderfulness but should have crispy fish deliciousness as well. We sat down for the new season of SG-1 (which really sort of sucked for our heroes…the humans. Yeah, ouch) and then cracked out the first season for DQ, who has only ever seen 2 episodes of season 4, 2 of five and one of six. Are they on six? Anyway, she was hanging on barely for the ride until seeing the pilot and first and second show which elicited a chorus of “Oh, I see what’s going on now” and “AhHA! Now it makes much more sense”. Amazing what a little back story will do eh? Heh.

Saturday we had plans on top of plans with plan planlets and then…we had just dinner with Mr. Paul. We did go over and visit with TheRCK, Scott and baby D (who in our presence found out she had knees AND that she might be able to get around on them. She wasn’t crawling, per se, but she did wind up on hands and knees with a thoughtful look on her face) and helped some with their “Great Kitchen Sink Project”. Don’t know how exactly that turned out but it was a pretty good visit.

Dinner with Mr. Paul went well. TheMan made his chicken and couscous meal that I adore (mmmm, better than the fries) and even improved on it while I made the Gourmet Ho-ho more according to specs and deproved the Ho-ho experiment. No *squee* for the ho-ho on Saturday. It isn’t especially good in the pure book form so if you do happen to own the chocolate cookbook with the Gourmet Ho-ho here’s a few fixes that will make it a much more palatable dessert. First off, nix the unsweetened chocolate in the chocolate goo layer. Semi-sweet chips were mighty fine tasty, I’d go with them. Next, when it says “dust parchment with cocoa” which will dust the outside of the sponge cake just don’t. DAMN that was bitter. Sweetened hot cocoa or powdered sugar will do the job. Orange brandy in the chocolate goo layer tasted good, Kahlua just got lost in the chocolaty chocolateness of the Ho-ho. Also, think about maybe adding a jelly like fruity goo layer with the cheese and chocolate goo layers, I know I’ll be thinking very strongly along those lines next time. This has been a public service announcement from boo.

Sunday was our day of “I’m not doing anything. Period.” I got up at 2pm, not that I really set out to sleep that long but after dozing through 9 to 10 to 11 somehow it got to be 2. TheMan threw his back out so he snuck out of the bed at about 11 and soaked for a good long while in the tub while I snoozed away. I did get me a raging case of bed head for my efforts though, all was not for naught. We then took showers and…err…well we never really progressed farther than that. Wait, I put sweat pants on under my robe. Does that count? Damn, we were lazy. We played a questionable amount of EQ and ordered pizza for dinner because after such a heinously lazy day I was not about to start with the industriousness at dinner time (which was about 9pm). Hell no, someone was going to schlep me my eats, damnit. Why spoil a perfectly good lazy day with dinner preparations? Pfffft!

It was wonderful too. Sometime I have lazy days and it feels like the day is wasted, other times it feels decadently right.

Last Year at the booniverse: Nada.

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