Random Thoughts and Impressions

Quote of the day (to be said in an Outrageous French Accent): But of course it is; it is my BUTT! It works for a great many values of n too. Go ahead and try it out, use it, make it yours.

Last night we hit that sad point in the Monday Night SciFi Stargate Marathon where every single show was one we had already seen. I knew the magic wasn’t going to last for too much longer but I was hoping to linger just a bit more with the episodes we haven’t seen. They did play the Groundhog’s Day one so it wasn’t a total bust.

I’m having all sorts of cool ideas for running an SG-1 d20 one shot. TheRCK’s husband occasionally runs a Saturday Afternoon Pick-up game and I thought with all the SG-1 watching (and the fact that we bought the source book, which is very cool but quite the pocket drainer) it might be fun to poke about that system some. Now I just need to harness these ideas onto paper. Wala.

Some vodka induced wisdom for y’all: Unstable things with a high center of gravity are “Too tall for the wide” and it’s all about Mayer McCheese “because he was the guy with the head”. This leads me to wonder if they all shared a head or just the Mayer got a head or if he had THE head. TheMan has the answers. TheMan also seems to think there was a green Grimace for the Shamrock Shakes, which I don’t recall at all. The again, I had no idea each character was symbolic of a certain McDonald’s specialty food group (Grimace was the shake I am told. The Fry Guys I had figured out, thankyouverymuch) so who am I to question?

I have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks. Currently I am enjoying a cinnamon spice mocha. Mmmm, mocha.

I have a love/hate relationship with Amazon.com. Fucking bastards and their easy return policy MY ASS!

I am still wearing sandals and I think I may be winning. Lately I have noticed some distressing (for the sandal) canyons in the cork which can only lead me to hope the things are on their way to crumbling oblivion. Lately, the best they have managed to do in their campaign to kill me is just make me look stupid as I shuffle along in my deteriorating shoes. Heh, I’m pretty good at making myself look like an idiot without the help of the Birks so I figure they are losing this battle too. Whoot.

It’s snowing out and much too chilly to be walking in sandals and one pair of socks. Fortunately I have a second thicker pair of socks to don before heading out to lunch.

I went to the key office today and, as usual, had to wait. It’s a university service so there is at least a 10 minute mandatory waiting policy even if you are the only one in the room. Fortunately, the key office always has sheets of funny anecdotes pasted on the walls (because they feel for the customer) and it makes the wait time much more amusing. I share with you two of my favorites: “You know you are an engineer if you thought that Spring Break in college referred to some sort of metal fatigue”. Hee. Also “How do you tell if a computer programmer is an extrovert? They look at your shoes instead of their own shoes when they talk to you”. Double hee.

Tonight is an “us” night at the Q house and we have all sorts of romantic shenanigans planed which include, but are not limited to, calling the Qs and dropping a “hello”, eating leftovers, playing EQ, taking out the trash and doing laundry. Hoo boy, I tell you…Penthouse write in material right here babE! Heh. In all truth we are going to do a more whoopdie “us” evening Saturday, which happens to be the all pervasive Valentine’s Day, and going out to Paesano’s for dinner. CAPPUCCINO CADDY! Oh yeah.

I’m pretty geeked that TheMan is starting to like EQ. It should be fun once we all four (Dirge, Shar, TheMan and myself) can group together. Don’t know what we are going to do tonight in terms of hunting; we may just cruise around and explore. That too can be fun (plus the frog still makes me laugh when it runs).

We need to go shopping. 2 rolls of TP left in the Q house makes one boo very, very nervous. TP is one of those thing I really don’t like being dangerously low on. Evidently mayonnaise isn’t even remotely on this list because the past few times I have gone to make something that required mayo I have discovered that there is none to be had in the fridge. Yet even armed with this knowledge I have failed to remember this when we go out shopping later. Some people might be thinking “Yeah, so?” but let me just say I first noticed this lack of mayo during the Second Annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha last July.

The Weirdoes are so lucky they don’t both fit in the crock pot. I was punting cats ALL NIGHT LONG and by morning had had it up to here with cats jumping up on the bed and lying on my person. All night long, cats jumping on my head here, jumping on my head there, cats sleeping on my feet, cats sleeping around my feet, cats climbing onto my butt (but of course, it is my BUTT), cats in my face, cats, cats, cats. Somedays I love the little fur balls. Some days I want to slow roast them.

We have to take a trip to the Laundromat this weekend. Said cats puked through the last of our big comfy blankety things we throw over the bed. That makes 2 comforters, 1 quilt and 3 sleeping bags they have pukified. Why do cats need to jump up on the bed and then hoark? Why? WHY???

I want a fish tank. Again. Don’t know where we would put it, but fish do NOT puke on your things. Plus, fish are darned cool to watch. Hmmm… (thinking about where exactly an octagonal 40 –60 gallon set up would go)

I mailed out the Smithee clips to VA and MD today. Whooo, gearing up for Smithee-fest 04! The sock puppet project is in a slight holding pattern but as soon as all the notified parties are notified, horrific sock puppet making will commence.

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