It seems that there is some confusion about whose cat is which. Except for Isaak who is not related to the other two cats that is. So really, the problem is that Vande and Meow look an awful lot alike.

I hadn’t thought that they did because clearly this is Meow

and this is Vande. Totally different cat. One is gray with faint tabby stripes and the other is…gray with faint tabby stripes. Well, OK. One of them has burnt pumpkin eyes while the other one…also has burnt pumpkin eyes. One of them is a Brit and…yeah. OK, so they are really similar if you don’t meet them side by side.

And if you do meet them side by side they are either both dead or there is some serious cat screaming going on. Vande hates (HATE!) the Meow with a burning passionate hate. Meow isn’t so fond of Vande either so all around it’s an interesting experience.

Meow’s stance on Isaak has yet to be determined. They had an accidental face to face the other day when I opened the door to upstairs and there was Meow sitting three steps from the door. Up to that point she hadn’t ventured much past the top of the stairs but this particular day she was right there. Also on this particular day Isaak was all wound up and ready to mad dash up stairs as soon as the door opened so when it did, he got a good head of steam going and…froze. He sat there for about 30 seconds going “Buh?” while Meow looked down at him all “Yes?”
“Can I help you?”
“Take a picture shortbus, it’ll last longer.”
“Ummm….catmom? Have we always had one of those on the stairs?”
“Your cats aren’t too bright are they?”
“You know what; I think I’ve changed my mind about going upstairs.”

And that was it. No yelling, no hissing, no nothing really just two cats looking at each other for a very long time.

2008: Because think I would have noticed a cat on the stairs, catmom.

2007: Don’t let Vande see though.

2006: For now, the World’s Happiest Cat wishes you all days of loving pettins.

2005: JSFR: Whiterollita Cookies

2004: Thus endeth a 49 day writing streak. To tell the truth, I’m kinda glad. I am a much more leisure person than an entry a day demands.

2003: She’s gonna have a cow that Meow is still here.

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