Oh Point Two

Crimony it’s cold. It’s so cold that I took a nap last night and decided I’d rather stay in bed than play Warcraft because the bed was all warm and toasty and the Warcraft room wasn’t. And so I did!

It’s also cold enough that pants will cool off right quick if you pause for a moment to talk to someone or to fumble at the door looking for your keys. Then when you start moving again COLD COLD COLD! It’s so cold that today is a big fat hat (and hat hair) day. It’s even cold enough that you Minnesotans might think about putting on pants.

My grumble for today is yarn. I started in on boss baby blankie and the stoopid book tells me that I’ll need a pound of Color A and a pound of Color B because the book is called a pound of afghans or something like that. I’ve been burned before by “pounds” so I got 28 ounces of each color yarn. HA! However, it turns out I’m going to be 8 skeins short even with my overestimation because a pound of yarn ISN’T A LOGICAL MEASUREMENT! Blankets are usually sized by length measurements so I’d appreciate some sort of length requirement of yarn. What if I want to crochet with spun lead? Will a pound of that do me? No it will not (you fuckers). Thus, yesterday we stopped off at Michael’s so I could pick up more yarn for my project.

Except it was such a good sale that they didn’t have any more of the one color left. THANK YOU STOOPID POUND OF BLANKET BOOK. I’m going to have to change up the pattern now because my pounds are apparently heavier than their pounds. Or shorter. Or whatever STOOPID YARN BOOK.

2008: That was pretty much Sunday’s activities in a nutshell. Booze, food and commiseration.

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2003: Ah… I have fond memories of the great canned cranberry harvests of the olden days…

2 Responses to “Oh Point Two”

  1. Bubbles Says:

    “A pound of yarn” wouldn’t be a logical measurement of yarn except that they’re usually talking about those inexpensive one-pound skeins of yarn, which usually have the same amount of yarn chunkiness so it all works out. Actually is your book “Afghans by the Pound” or something like that? Cos I have that one, and they’re supposed to be the Caron or Lion huge-ass one pound skeins.

  2. Boo Says:

    Hey, why didn’t my reply take? Bastiches! Anyway, yes, the book I have is Afghans by the Pound and they do mention Carron/Lion whatever one pound color BITEME when they give instructions. I’ll just have to look and see how long a Carron/Lion one pound thing of yarn is and use that as a measuring thingie.

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