Weekendy Stoffs

I had an easy Friday which went sort of like this: Work, Nap, one small thing on WoW, sleep. I love lazy days like that.

Saturday we had some Warcraft drama that got me super pissed off. In a nut shell, one of the guildies gave me a face full of ‘tude after I wandered over to help out and then blew up when I said “That shit? Super uncool, don’t take that attitude with me again MmmKay?” Guildie was having a bad Warcraft day, which sucks, but you don’t take it out on other people. Un! Cool! You also don’t get all uppity with other people when it’s your own darned fault things aren’t going ship-shape.

So yeah. Big time crank about that which sort of soured the game for me on Saturday. Then it snowed buckets but I was still too pissed off to nap, which would have been nice. Snow napping is relaxing when you’re not wound up about people being an ass to you. It continued to snow and snow and snow until our evening plans of bad movie watching were cancelled. But of course they were. Stoopid snow. The bright side, I suppose, is that this afforded me the opportunity to work off some of my burning CRANK and be a productive member of the neighborhood society (a.k.a. not being “that house” with the snowy walkways). I grabbed the shovel and attacked the driveway, walkway, the neighbor’s walkway and a loooong stretch of sidewalk. I also build up a giant fortress of snow so the DAMNED MAIL MAN will have to either use the damned sidewalks or bring his climbing gear. Fucker will NOT QUIT walking through my gardens.

At least I got a good workout shoveling and piling up all the snow, although I don’t think it would have taken me as long if I wasn’t also trying to build Mount Killthepostmanjaro. That may have slowed the clearing process some; I built up an impressive bank right where the fucker tromps through my plants. I also extended my snow mountain range so he’ll have to walk back down past the runner gardens if he insists on cutting across the lawn. I suppose he *could* keep cutting through my gardens but if he does I hope he’s got thermal undies. The snow bank comes up to my crotch and I’m taller than the postman.

The last bit of my Saturday evening was spent crocheting. Reject blankie is looking mighty fine if I don’t say so myself…well except for all the darned ends I haven’t weaved in yet. Hate.

Sunday we goofed around a little on Warcraft when lo! guildie popped on. Guildie apologized for being a complete ass and a total butt munch and also said that we were right about the ‘tude and everything else. That was kinda nice because Guildie is basically a good person who, for whatever reason, went off on a nut. Also, it’s takes a brass set o’ cajones to admit that you are a complete butt munch. I’m still keeping all the stuff that Guildie sent back to me in a snit though.

Then it was off to TheMan’s Sunday meeting and shopping (I was doing the shopping). I hit Michael’s to find that they were having an AWESOME sale on fuzzy ripply yarn so of course I got a bunch of it. What? Boss is preggers and I feel that because I made her first kid a blanket I ought to also make her second kid a blanket too. This may or may not coincide with the fact that there was now yarn and an excuse to make a blanket pattern that I’ve been eyeballing for a while now. Hi, I’m boo and I may have a yarn addiction.

Late afternoon and evening found us at the BadGardens for the Sunday game. I worked on the reject blankie project because I hadn’t gotten anything started with fuzzy ripply yarn (and I don’t count well when distracted) or some other yarn that I may or may not have also picked up. Plus, reject blankie is about 75% done lengthwise (stoopid ends that need weaving) and working on it was snuggly. I love crocheting in the winter.

2008: JSFR: Sumiyaki Coffee Candy

2007: Mmmm, snuggly blanket happiness…

2006: No zits shall, from this day forth, ever appear in or around anyone’s eyes.

2005: On the plus side, you don’t have to take a kid outside in the snow to change the diaper.

2004: (OK, that took me 4 tries to spell. That is just not right. I need more coffee (and a dictionary)).

2003: No updating due to blanket snuggly zen.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Fucker will NOT QUIT walking through my gardens.

    One word: mantrap.

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