Malady me.

Welcome to flu season. For your safety, we recommend you keep your arms and legs in the ride at all times. In the event of an emergency, you are just plain out of luck. Thank you and enjoy the ride.

TheMan is sick again today. Poor man. He’s got some sort of chills/sweats/shakes/nervous tum thing going on and it’s got him pretty low. The good news is that he is sick enough to not be womping all over the house trying to do a million chores and snapping at anyone who tells him to leave them alone because he’s sick. The bad thing is, my man is sick. I hate seeing people miserable and he is one unhappy puppy right now. Hopefully he is going to sleep the day away and crack this bug so that when I get home he will have gone through the cranky “I’m NOT sick, I can do everything!” stage already and is well on the mend.

Which leaves me. I know I’m going to catch this thing sooner or later (sorta one of the down sides to the live in package) and already I have been feeling not so great. I blamed it on the mango yesterday (foul evil thing, PTAH on mangos!) but then again, everything I ate tasted bad so I had next to nothing to eat. That lead to a serious crash wreck and burn when I got home, which was a whole lot of not fun so I just up and went to bed. By 8:00pm I was fast asleep. I gotta think that I am in the siege stages of bug combat and I would love to take the day off, sleep it out of me and return tomorrow but that is not an option.

It all started with France. I have enough vacation to go on a honeymoon, do the Smithies, AND go to France but just barely. I’ll be carrying 2ish days (1 day 7 hours and 30 minutes. No idea how I screwed things up like that. Ah well) over to next year but when you are that low on vacation hours, they start keeping an eagle eye on your sick time. Which…hrrrrm. I hate feeling like I have to justify my sick time…like can I stay home if I’m feeling punk or do I have to come in because I only have two vacation days left? I’m a firm believer of heading a cold off at the pass (so to speak) so sometimes when I stay home I could have indeed come in but the day of rest helps knock out the cold faster and my coworkers have less of a chance to catch my cold and get ill themselves. Now I feel like I can’t take any sick time unless I’ve actually puked on someone’s shoes and nobody wants that.

Oh yeah, and Grrr to Isaak this morning too. Little bastard jumped up on the bed and then went immediately over to TheMan to get scratches. “I” is MY cat, he’s not supposed to snub cat mom. See if I ever pet him in the morning again. Stupid cat.

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