To Laziness, With Much Love

So what besides tasting absolutely foul centered candies did I do this weekend? Glad you asked (oh you so wanted to know! And you will be jealous too!). Incidentally, before I launch into the weekend gig, I just wanted all you JSFR junkies to know that the web assistant wasn’t the only person to enjoy the Nama Ume Ame, apparently the new Circ guy did as well. He isn’t vegan either so I’m not sure what’s going on. I just may give him the rest of the candy though.

Well Friday was another evening of Stargate watching and Diablo II playing fun extravaganza as well as download state taxes thing. DQ came over slightly before 8ish (I have no idea when before, I was NAPPING!) and they did the downloading thing. Afterward we had a delish crock pot turkey and watched the new SG-1. Then came DIABLO II! We spent the rest of the evening getting DQ’s druid to Act II so that she would be able to join with Scott and all of us this Friday for Diablo-a-thon 3.

Sorry if that seems like the snooze news but I can’t say I was really into the Diablo thing so my recant may reflect my ennui with the whole evening. Maybe it was the nap or maybe I was just “meh” on the whole idea but I just couldn’t be bothered to focus. Whatever, killing things, spells, dogs and HEY! I’m dead. I died twice and really, I didn’t much care. Whoops, look at that…I’m dead. Huh. I was slightly amused at my particular Cheeto play style which involved firing up both fire and ice traveling area of effect spells and wandering in generally the same direction as TheMan’s character. How ’bout a little FIRE scarecrow? Ooops, I’m DEAD! In my mind Diablo was kind of a bust which is sad considering I was really looking forward to some mindless hack and slash. Stargate was good though!

Saturday we started our day out coming to the aid of Rob and Joanna whose flight to Egypt Friday night was arbitrarily cancelled due to the plane being a piece o’ junk. Good I suppose in that they didn’t come apart in mid air, bad for anyone with any sort of connecting flight or reservation or time table what-so-ever. Yeah, about that flight? Come back tomorrow evening. They didn’t have a ride so we gave them a lift to the airport. Bon Voyage!

It also afforded us an excuse to go to the Great Harvest Bread Company and get iced sugar cookies. I was having a craving and had to have pink or white or red frosted sugar cookies. Don’t know what that was about but they were mighty fine cookies. Mmmm. We shared the happiness with Rob and Joanna so everyone got to partake and that is a wonderful thing. The trip to the airport basically ate up our afternoon (which we planned to spend playing EQ) so we took a snooze and then headed out to Paesanos! Mmmmm. It was good stuff, Maynard.

We also exchanged gifts, because we are goofy like that, and TheMan got his Season 1 Rosewell and I got SKELETAL PIRATE ARMY! Hee. Actually, TheMan’s gift doesn’t ship until the end of February so I had to Xerox the cover and put that in the card. Ah well. I’m looking forward to watching the whole series as I came in on the last 4 episodes and had no idea what was going on while TheMan was all up and excited by blabie blah de whatever. I’m sure it makes much more sense if you have been following it from the beginning. Now I will get to see what he liked so much about the series, either that or decide he is a total fruitcake. Well, a fruitcake that got me SKELETAL PIRATE ARMY for a gift. That’s the good kind of fruit cake…like the kind with rum sauce. Mmmm, rum sauce.

Sunday I was feeling very run down so we did not much of anything. I’m hoping I don’t have a cold in the works because I just realized I took a nap Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I was still tired. I blame asthma or my basic laziness or both. Whew, I’m one Cheeto kind of gal lately. TheMan blames February. I’ll go with that. On the plus side, we played an overly obnoxious amount of EQ and now we are closing in on Dirge and Shar’s characters. If we keep this up, we can group by next weekend. Whoooo! I have no idea why EQ is so addictive but it’s swallowed our brains. Mmmm, brains. Brains with rum sauce….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I did get three loads of laundry done so that’s something right? Well, *I’m* giving myself credit for it. *G* Now if I would only find the energy to do some moving about and actual working out things would be golden.

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