Inauguration, Let’s Begin…

TheMan says that my Aubergines pose one Uuuuugly picture and this is indeed quite true. Therefore, I dedicate this picture to the outgoing Bush administration. OoooOOOooo! Here’s something that scans to Bye Bye love: “Bye, bye Bush!” I am full of tunes today.

So! On this historic day (BTW, an historic just looks funny to me although it’s probably right) what did I do during the morning’s festivities? Worked. I got to see exactly none of the fun and glitz because I was working. I did get to hear about it though, especially The! Hat!. TheMan e-mailed me sometime in the late morning saying “What was with the hat?” and then later later “SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS WITH THE HAT?!?” and then later later still he found a link to said hat. He titled that one “HAT!” (with the simple text of “AAAAGH!”) so I was all set to see something that The Queen Mother and Carmen Miranda might wear at the Kentucky Derby. With trepidation, I clicked and…I kinda liked what Aretha Franklin was wearing on her head. It was a cute gray fuzzy 1920s style hat with, admittedly, a gigantic glittery accented gray bow but that woman wore the hell out of that hat.

I told TheMan that he needed to R-E-S-P-E-C-T! The. Hat.

Later on we went out drinking to celebrate and also to drink. Mmmm, Red Snapper. We met up with Stalker Patti (hi!) and David the Muppet King (hi!) as well as David’s Wife who I don’t think I have a cute name for yet. We came, we saw, we drank HUZZAH! And thus we celebrate an very historic moment the end.

That’s all I have for you as far as Happy Inaugural things so here are some SAST things to fill up the rest of the post.

Working Out! I made a New Year’s Thingie in which I was going to work out every other day (at least) and although it got a bit of a slow start, this is my third week of keeping to task. I feel pretty good about that, especially the couple times I’ve gotten home late on workout day and went down and worked out anyway. Go me! Sadly, two and a half weeks isn’t enough time to see any results except some days I think I might be getting chubbier. Le Sigh. I’ll check back mid-March and see if I still feel that I’m fluffinating even more of if my body has decided to play nice and burn up some of my butt and love handles.

My other New Year’s Thingie was to drink more liquids and that’s going somewhat OK. I’m at least more aware that I’m supposed to be drinking more liquids even if I’m not actually drinking more liquids. Theoretically, when I realize that I’m supposed to be drinking more I go out and get more to drink so…umm…yay? Maybe yay. I’ve not gotten all water Nazi yet and started timing my drinks but I do think back and say to myself “Self, we didn’t have a lot to drink today did we? Let’s get a cup of water!” and I do. I think that’s at least in the spirit of the New Year’s Thingie.

Yarn Projects! I started in on a baby blanket for my boss and dayum the fuzzy wiggly yarn is hard to work with. I can’t see where the next stitch is supposed to go half the time and the other half the yarn binds up on itself so I have to wrestle it into place. It’s a lot of blind poking and yanking but it is getting crocheted. I might have also started another blanket with some fun long variegated yarn which is practically crocheting itself. Is this because the yarn isn’t fuzzy and wobbly and therefore, in comparison, too much fun to work with? Or is the yarn just really, really, awesome to crochet with? Hmmm!

I also might buy some more fuzzy wobbly yarn because if I made a scarf with the red version of the dark blue and changed the light blue to a cream color I would totally have a bacon scarf. My buffalo scarf is falling apart on me and although there isn’t a scarf out there that could replace my beloved buffalo scarf, a bacon scarf would definitely cut down on the scarf mourning time quite a lot. BACON!

2008: Resting up for today and not updating.

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2006: I would hate to quash your budding frosted sugar cookie chef with the knowledge that such masterwork of confectionery delights has already come and gone.

2005: Lazy is as Lazy does. Or doesn’t in this case I suppose.

2004: As I already wrote yesterday, Mumses is no longer a Mumses B.

2003: You know, sometimes you just gotta splurge. And eat flaming fish. Yummmm.

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