Breakfast and Bed; a Foot and a Head

Wow, I feel GREAT today! I’m practically doing cartwheels I’m feeling so full of zest, except I’m actually just sitting in my chair. I would, though, if I could because I can you know. Do cartwheels that is, sitting in a chair is not so amazing a feat (but I can do that as well, most of the time much better than I can cartwheel). Cartwheels are one of the few things I mastered in gymnastics and can still do without exposing my aging body to undue stress and peril.

Why do I feel like the late spring chicken you might ask (go ahead, I know you are dying to)? Because I have a teeny, tiny practically ignorable headache today. This is cause for much celebration, believe you me; yesterday I suffered the “Mother of all that is evil and bad” gigantic headache of brain melting. Ow. In a boneheaded maneuver I forgot to take my Claritin at night and when I woke up in the morning my brain felt about half a size too big for my head. Normally, it’s fine if I skip a day, but normally there isn’t some damned weather thing happening (coupled with too much EQ and being on the damned computer all day long at work) and it about killed me yesterday. I was trying to work with a level 7 pain out of a possible 10 pain levels soul sucking monstrous headache and it wasn’t pretty. When the rotation of the earth is a bit too fast to take into one aching head things is bad. I spent most of the day doing really quiet, really easy things.

I did have a bit of a break from 1:00 to 3:00 when the SIX HOUR allergy medication kicked in and then back out but I never really shook the damned headache. I just maybe knocked it down to a 4 or so where it started the uphill climb back to its comfortable 7. I was also not relishing playing EQ, despite the possibility of getting TheMan’s character to 18 (way cool!) and the frog closer to 20 (way more cool) so I can’t say I was overly disappointed when the servers were down and then too congested to log on. I even took a bit of a nap but the headache was locked in and going nowhere.

We wound up watching some SG-1 first season episodes but they too became really blah after a while. Both evening plans were knocked out of the water so we decided to order a pizza and hot wings (but with no bones because I was all about the wing and TheMan is so NOT about chicken bones). I’ll let you all know right now that JJ’s does this chicken fries thing that is absolutely amazing. It’s cut fried chicken meat shaped in French fry proportions and perfect for dipping into bleu cheese (or ranch if you are a wuss…HA!) and so very very tasty. Wow, it made me forget about my killer headache for about 5 minutes. I love you chicken stick fries!

Afterward we worked a little on my back up Ars Moderna character and then piled into bed. I got there first, snuggled all comfy like under the covers and managed to find the perfect sleeping position before I realized that the room was going to be too hot for sleeping well because we had just turned the house down and it hadn’t had time to reach a good sleeping temperature. Fortunately, for me and my now gloriously cozy sleeping spot, TheMan hadn’t yet gotten into bed so I asked him to open a window for a couple minutes in order to vent the heat. He was agreeable and cracked the window on his side of the bed open and crawled posthaste (it was COLD right by the open window!) under the covers. He then proceeded to fall asleep not three minutes later.

I had a conundrum. For TheMan, closing the window (and it needed to be closed so we didn’t wake up Popsicles) involved sitting up, leaning over and shutting the bottom pain closed. It is a total (mostly) in bed experience for him, while I would have to actually leave the bed altogether (in my altogether, that’s COLD!), wander around the bed (and through heap of laundry that refuses to dissipate no matter how many loads I do), close the window, wander back and get back under the sheets. I was all in favor of the easier way of getting the window shut (i.e. having my husband do it) but my husband was already drifting off to sleep. He can do that freaky sleep anywhere, anytime, gone at the drop of a hat thing.

Eventually I poked him awake enough to convince him that we needed to shut the window so that we didn’t wake up cryogenically frozen and also so we didn’t spend half a million dollars heating the neighborhood all night long. He agreed and went back to sleep. I poked him again and he told me that he was “working on it” and stuck a foot outside the sheet. Without either leaving the horizontal position or exposing more than his foot and toes he proceeded to flail about in an attempt to close said window with his foot. This lead to a discussion about the appropriateness and efficiency of closing a window with ones foot and a bet was laid. I said he could not possibly close the window with his foot and that he should just sit up, lean over and be done with it while he was bound and determined to stay 90% covered up and 100% horizontal and close the window with his foot. The bet was breakfast.

After inching and ooching and wiggling and stretching and much flailing my Cheeto husband managed to miraculously close the window one footed. It took him about three minutes to accomplish the task, two of which he was completely perpendicular to the bed and buried under the covers somewhere but by gum! He managed to close the window with is foot while remaining horizontal and covered in blankets. Watching the whole procedure was well worth my having to buy breakfast this morning, especially if you factor in that it would have taken him 30 seconds to sit up, lean out, close up and flop back prone. I love my man.

We don’t have much planned for tonight (other than perhaps turning the house down a little earlier in the evening), maybe some EQ or a Stargate SG-1 or two (season two should be on the doorstep when I get home). TheMan has been home today on his second forced vacation day and has done some puttering about and cleaning here and there. Ahhhh, to be forced to take a vacation day because I had too many. If only. Well, at least one of us gets a break (and cleans the house some. I told you I loved my man!).

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