Birthday Weekend

Birthday weekend! Birthday weekend! BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!1!

Not so squee was the package that arrived last week and was all shirt dimension-y as well as shirt squishy but WRAPPED IN BIRTHDAY PAPER! ARRRGH! I know it’s one of my Christmas shirts from the Qs but which one? Won’t know ’till tomorrow. ARRRGH! They had no sympathy for my plight either when I called up all “Hey!” I think the exact words were “And…?” ARRRRGH! Stupid present has been eyeballing me all weekend. WHICH SHIRT IS IT!!!

Friday night we were going to do a little movie watching but instead we boogered around on Warcraft doing stupid things because they have another one of those festival thing-its going on. Festival thing-its induce Warcraft stupidity that is both immensely fun and kinda pointless. Hee. We wound up doing a naked Santa Suit run into the Horde towns for several of the festival thing-its so yeah. Pointless, stupid but a hella lot of fun.

Saturday we did some more Warcraft stuff (new dungeon whooo!) which went pretty well and then more boogering around. Maybe Saturday was the day we did the stupid Warcraft tricks. Hmmm. Anyway, TheMan and I hung out and did a lot of nothing online and a whole bunch of laundry offline. I may have napped. I did get my exercising in so woot that. Still sort of on schedule more or less although the days of exercising are getting a little tougher now. “I don’t wanna” is a mighty big pull as of late…so much so that on Thursday I thought, all warm and snuggly in bed, “Damn. I don’t wanna go exercise because I’m warm and snuggly in bed.” Buuuuut TheMan was doing something else I didn’t want to do so I convinced myself that 10 minutes of resistance exercises (prone and still under the sheets) would be OK.

Resistance exercises kicked my ass! Seriously. I was one sore monkey the next day from 10 minutes of in-bed flexy stuff. Daaaaaaaamn.

Saturday night we went out for Smithee Drinking Nite and beta tested our new Schlock deck. Schlock is a Smithee based Nanofictionary game and not the best bar game (it’s actually a game designed to be played in 2 hours time at a convention so it could stand a little tweeking to make it more bar friendly). The players liked it though and the cards seemed to work OK. We might play it at ConBust this year…possibly.

Note to self: Check in with the ConBust peeps.

Sunday I got breakfast in bed after going out shopping for breakfast food supplies. I also realized why I had a nagging feeling that I was supposed to go out Saturday. All day I had that feeling of needing to do something but I thought it was for breakfast supplies so I didn’t have to go out before getting breakfast in bed. Buuuut I totally blew that off and then I remembered it wasn’t just the shopping I had to do. Oh no. Somebody forgot to get their plates renewed last week and was going to do it Saturday. Until that somebody blew off Saturday and then woke up Sunday all DOAH!

Fortunately my boss is super cool and I have nothing going on Monday afternoons. Half day errand running vacation time for me.

However, Sunday night I got my first non-family birthday treat when LunarGeography made me cupcakes. She made these tasty gingerbread cupcakes with the most awesome pumpkin-orange-ginger frosting (which was really more like ORANGE!!!!!-ginger… … … …pumpkin frosting). Man, those were deadly and delicious. We gorged on cupcakes, played badmovie’s game and then watched a Smithee birthday in honor of one of the Smitheeites. BuuuUUUuuuuurp.

2008: JSFR: Black Sesame Cake

2007: Saving up for the big day.

2006: I have to check the rulebook, but I think the license for throwing ones self on the floor and kicking and screaming expired sometime in the 70s for me.

2005: For instance, why guarantee and not garentee? Guarantee has the same Gua which you might also find in guava but do you say gwarentee? No, that’s just silly, you say GARentee so why not spell it with a GAR instead of a GUA?

2004: It’s like Ringu only aural; Y’all have seven days to find someone else to sing this too and wedge it into their head now. You’re welcome.

2003: I like to plan big for my birthdays.

3 Responses to “Birthday Weekend”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I didn’t know it was your birthday!! I will have to add you to my birthday card list, which ensures you a card on your bday 🙂 I totally would have wanted to make cupcakes, too.

    I liked the game. My only thoughts would be to limit descriptions (think of the extra pressure if a clock is ticking!) and maybe have bigger groups of people. I’m not that creative under those circumstances, so it would have been better for me personally to have more teammates. Although Jeff did an awesome job!

  2. Sean K. Says:

    Happy Birthday again! The cupcakes sound tasty – though I don’t think I’ve combined pumpkin and citrus before.

    RE: the license plate – do you have to renew it in person in Michigan? In Mass we can do it online, and when we lived in Ohio we were at least able to do it by mail.

    Can’t wait for Conbust, BTW. I have already purchased a tub of Utz cheese balls (they only sell the big tubs around here at Super Bowl time – hence I can’t get them in that size when the con happens).

  3. Boo Says:

    Patti: Birthday is technically Tuesday but I like to get a running start. *g*

    SWNiN: You can renew by mail or online but I have this mental block thingie wherein they send me the registration in December and I think “January? that’s like NEXT YEAR!” so I put aside the info. Then, a couple days before my birthday I remember that it is indeed January and now too late to send in the stuff. I’ve renewed by mail once in my entire life: I think the world may have actually ended on that day.

    This year I had to go in person because AAA screwed up our automatic billing and was all “Hey! We’re gonna hafta cancel your insurance because despite you setting it up to pay online, it hasn’t taken. Again.” I needed to straighten them out and then take the “Oops, our bad, they really do have insurance” paper to the Seccy of State.

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