The Friday Five (2-20-04)!

One thing I took away from my bizarre and mostly useless college education was that when interviewing someone you should try to avoid yes or no (or the like) type questions. Nothing is so boring as listening to an interview where the host asks a long or intricate question and then leaves the guest a gaping option to fill in an answer of “Yes” or “12” or “blue”. Whatever. We were taught to lead your guests and ask them open ended sentences because no one really wants to listen to the host and that’s mostly what you get with bad questions.

Sadly, today’s Friday Five falls into the semi frequent category of badly phrased questions. My apologies, I tried to do with it what I could, but even I, Queen Of Ramble, could not make them very interesting (or informative). I’ll make it up to y’all later.

When was the last time you…

1. …went to the doctor?

Errr…the Friday after the wedding (November 15?). I strained my foot the Thursday before the wedding but was damned if I was going to see a doc and be in a cast or whatever for my wedding day. Turns out, rest and wrapping was the best I could do for it (which I had been) AND the little bastard miraculously started feeling better the day of my appointment. No sign of improvement for seven days and then BAM the day of my visit it feels 50% better. Little punk. You see why I hate feet?

2. …went to the dentist?

Got me. I was living in the stadium house so 2000? 2001? I got 2 fillings though.

3. …filled your gas tank?

The gas tank to the truck? The better and more answerable question would be “when was the last time you actually moved that big red monstrosity of a vehicle anyway?” Seriously, I don’t think we have started that sucker up since we took the cap off to help Barb and Jeff move their hot tub in…November? HEY! If I had taken my truck to the doctor’s I could have answered both questions at once! No wait, last time I took the truck to the doctor’s I lost the side mirror and a good deal of paint on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. Note to self: I do not need to be roaring through narrow alleys even if they look like they might be wide enough. Truck mirrors stick out a bit (heh, not after *I* get through with them!).

In reality, TheMan can tell you when we last filled up the truck because he has that info on the deedelt. I’m going to hazard a guess of November (but before the wedding) or late October as we tend to fill it up about every three months. It is due for a gassing but the tags are also expired and I have to get the oil changed. I really have to get the oil changed. I think the oil has started to evolve it has been in there so long (November 2001) BUT! In odd news I have only gone 2000 miles since I had the oil changed last. That is how often the truck gets driven. Hmmm, I should check for squirrel nests in the engine compartment again…

4. …got enough sleep?

What exactly is “enough”? Enough sleep to function? That would be last night. Enough sleep to feel good? That would have been Wednesday night. Enough sleep so that I felt I had slept all that I was going to sleep and could sleep no more? Saturday night (we wuz damned lazy Sunday. Hee).

5. …backed up your computer?

My work computer backs itself up on a regular schedule (every day or every or every other day on a M-W-F schedule). The powerbook really needs to be backed up. Again, TheMan can give you the answers because he keeps records of those sorts of things. I’m guessing a year ago? Hee, LAST NOVEMBER! Not really, but I might as well say so just for the amusement of it all.

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One Response to “The Friday Five (2-20-04)!”

  1. TheMan Says:

    Da Truck: Last fill-up was 10/5/03 at a Clark station. Just over 33 gallons for a total of $53-ish. The truck gets a _massive_ 12 MPG, which is why we tend to drive the bug instead. So much so, that’s just the THIRD fill up since I started tracking it back in December of ’02.