Hawsome! It was the Japanese snacks/booze/gambling/frog shirt. BIRTHDAY SHIRT FTW!

Here’s a close up of the frogs and their various vices. I heart this shirt to pieces!

My birthday started out pretty rad. TheMan offered to let me sleep in all week (birthday week SNOOZES!) which…awwwww. He’s a keeper indeed. Sometime around 5:30 on my birthday, the first alarm went off playing a lulling melodic classical piece of music. It was very “Hey…don’t want to disturb you overly but I just thought you might like to know that the morning is going to be here soon. Not now, so sleep in a bit, but you might want to have it in the back of your mind that it will be time to actually get up shortly.” then when the second alarm went off the station was playing Jupiter: The Bringer of Jollity. If that isn’t a GET CHER ASS OUTTA BED AND HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! tune I have no idea what is. Man, my radio was on board for my birthday, could the day get any better?

Oh yes it could. Five words: Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes. But first the department I’m loaned out to got me a card (which I found taped to my door this morning) and they had cookies for me. Then, TheMan and I went out to lunch (bagel, lox and cream cheese sammich of deliciousness) on our way to pick up…


Back side SQUEEE!

This is my shiny new computer! It’s not exactly my birthday present since we could have stood to have gotten me a computer any time in the last few years. I believe the powerbook is a first generation G4 (possibly second) and while it has been aging gracefully the past year or two, something on teh internets lately is confusing it big time. I can’t get my lolcats reliably anymore and this needed to be addressed! Well that and the fact that we also can’t install the newest OS on the old laptop because it will blitz some of the functions I use all the time. Now I have a shiny! shiny! laptop that will do all the stuff I want it to AND play Warcraft. Oh yes it will. Hopefully my new computer will do me proud like the old one and last me until 2016.


The Powerbook (on the right) has a slightly more pleasing aspect ratio to me. However, the Macbook (left..natch) still has its delete key and is not suffering from eczema. The Macbook also is about a whole computer lighter than the Powerbook and is probably at least twice the computer snazzy. Woot.

I have no idea what’s with the couch in the background. It seems to be suffering from mail, among other things. Yikes.

What. The. Hell?

We finished off the night downloading all the new updates onto my New! Laptop! and tucked into a dinner of wine and cheeses. I’d do anything for cheese. Yum.

2008: Listen up you primitive presentee-ist screwheads: If you have the plague, stay home.

2007: JSFR: Gookie (orange)

2006: OK, really I am having a terribly wicked-good day despite the fact that I got no birthday cards in the mail. *sniff* I have a theory on that though, I think all my birthday cards turned into food. Dear God has there been food.

2005: I think everyone should have a librarian blown up for their birthday, it shows people really care. *sniff* Awwww.

2004: That’s right, it’s the single most important day of the year (thankyouverymuch) and I intend to make everything about me today.

2003: So the plans for today include eating.

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    Coolness! I’m typing this on a new Macbook myself (got mine just before Thanksgiving). Don’t you just love the new trackpad? You can actually right-click!

  2. boo Says:

    Right-click? You can? Woah! Sadly, we haven’t yet gotten it fully up and functional yet (I know, I know) so while I do heart the new track pad, I haven’t had time to fully explore the awesomeness that is my new computer. This weekend though, I’ve tasked TheMan with making my new computer go. By Monday I should be weaned from the Powerbook (save JSFRs. Haven’t decided what I’m going to do with those yet).

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