Didja miss me? Not even a little? Fine, I won’t post then. HA! OK, who are we kidding, I’m writing so I’m probably posting. For the record, we did try some Japanese Snack Food (white mousse pocky) but it had been sitting in the pantry. You know, the same pantry that housed our plethora of wine back when? The same wine that BURPED ALL OVER our kitchen and creation? Yeah, not so pretty. I decided to open the pocky anyway and give it a munching seeing as the pocky itself was foil wrapped for my wine blorting convenience. The packaging though was…well…not so photogenic. Next time we hit Hillers we’ll pick up a pretty package and have some pocky review for y’all.

Speaking of food, I had a most unfortunate accident with a very tasty (but short lived) chicken salad sammich from Atlanta Bread Company. I blame Alessar because he was not in to my ABC thing so I had to get my stuff to go. Then we walked and walked and walked all the while my sammich was calling to me from the bag. “Booooooooooo. BOOOOOOO! Eeeeeeat meeeee. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and we’re walking and the sammich is calling and we are walking, calling, walking ARRRRGH! Finally I demanded a sit down if only to shut the sammich up so we copped a sit on the street benches where I commenced chowing on my entirely too vocal sammich. Two bites into it, the chicken salad (I mistyped Slaad there and I am very amused) half leapt to its death as it slid off my lap and plummeted to the cold wet concrete sidewalk.

Alessar and I just gaped there for over a minute looking at my poor street food sammich sitting there all chickeny and bedraggled in the mud and yuck. It was a very tasty sammich too, they make a mean chicken salad sammich and I had just gotten into its chickeny goodness with my two bites and then…gone. Gone daddy, gone…except it was sitting there on the street looking up at me with forlorn chicken salad eyes. About a minute into our collective mourning of the lost mostly pristine sammich, Alessar and I both noted that the sammich was chicken side up. Chicken side up meant bread side down. In essence, the bread was protecting the chickeny goodness from the mud and slop of the traveled way.

I’ll spare you the details but let’s just say I aint proud, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when that good a chicken salad is on the line. Besides, it had a bread barrier! OK, moving on.

Maybe I’ll just make this whole entry about food, considering a year ago (and I have no clue why the main page “a year ago” is acting all funky…maybe it is the weather) I wrote about crock pot ennui. We still do crock pot stuff but not so often. Monday, TheMan threw in the last Cornish game hen and crocked it up for dinner that night. It was mighty fine tasty save the onions. They tasted fine but the texture was off for me. Then again, I was home the whole day with a massive head sucking migraine headache of doom so maybe my texture sensors were a little wacky. TheMan put a lot of celery in the crock too and I’m not so fond of the celery. I think the celery subverted the onions! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Bastard celery.

Badmovie brought these new candies to the V&V game called “Swoops” which are basically Hershey’s plain chocolate, York peppermint patties, Almond Joy (but he didn’t bring those) and Recees Peanut Butter cups all squashed into a chip like looking thing. Or maybe they are “Swooped” into a chip like looking thing but they come in a box of three packets of five…swoops? Chips? Candy units per packet. They are slightly smaller than Pringles and are solid chocolate so no yummy BP or minty filling, which is sort of the point of a peanut butter cup or peppermint patty no?

I just have one burning question about this new marketing ploy: Why? Other than people will buy them just to try them but what was the thinking behind this? The bite size rascals I can see; like the original but more compact AND a better chocolate to stuff ratio (and extremely poppable. Mmmmm) but a chip shape? Chips are chip shaped originally because they were potatoes, I would hazard and that’s what slim cut deep fried potato slices just wind up looking like, but the happy outcome of the classic chip shape is that it makes a great dipping platform. So…do you dip “Swoops” into anything then? Is that the reason behind the chip shape? They are uniform like Pringles but way too thick to get a good duck lips going and they don’t crunch (a very good Pringle trait) and two is entirely too much chocolate at once. I don’t get it. From where I was sitting, the packaging was covered up so that I only saw “oops” and I’m going to say “oops” is a more appropriate name. I don’t have to have them again (although you can do just about anything to a plain Hershey chocolate bar and it still tastes pretty good).

I made a red velvet cake Saturday (ho! We actually did do something Saturday. Wow) and for the record, they are weird. The mix looks like weak chocolate cake but as soon as you start mixing in the wet ingredients, that chocolate turns into blood red. Weird. It still tastes chocolaty though, despite being the color of someone’s innards. I frosted it with cherry vanilla icing from a can and that was mighty fine tasty. I have come across a couple of really good combinations of cake and frosting and this one will go right onto the list. The others are yellow cake with caramel frosting; simple yet oh so tasty and apple spice cake and caramel frosting. Divine! I don’t know what it is about those combos but they really taste good. Mmmm, I’m hungry.

Well, surprisingly, this is all I can come up with about food. My head is still a bit owwie so thinking isn’t a strong point today. Heh, maybe it’s never really a “strong” point but it is certainly less of one today than it might be otherwise. I’m going to go grab lunch!

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