It has been confirmed, I am a Grade A, bona fide, A-number-1 freak (FREAK!). We got in Stargate SG-1; Season 3 which brings us current and up to date on all the Stargatage they have released, plus I have Season 6 on preorder. I own all the Stargate one can possibly own at this point in time and I can safely say I have the ENTIRE Stargate SG-1 collection (as it currently exists).

You don’t know how squeee that makes me feel. No really, for anything that has a chronological feel to it, like TV series on DVD or a set of books, I find that I get really rather unsettled if there are holes in the run. Take our one lonely Season 3 boxed set of Babylon 5. Every time I take a peek over at the TV series bookshelf and see the one lonely out of synch B5 season sitting there I get all twitchy. What good is Season 3 without 1 and 2? Oh sure, I’m more comfortable with our run of Buffy because we have Season 1-4 so it’s all neat and ordered but B5….B5. Lonely, lonely Season 3 of B5. You can’t really settle down and enjoy watching a show THREE SEASONS into it. Especially a tight knit show like B5. We haven�t even opened it because…well…Season 3. I mean…just…3. You can’t DO anything with it until you book end it with at least 1 and 2. So there Season 3 sits, by itself, reminding me every time I look at it that it is a blip smack dab in the middle of an ordered run. Grrr!

Some things I am better at ignoring, like our fractured X-Files collection. Loved the show, hated the last 3ish seasons. HATED. We currently own Seasons 2-5 and it does make me a tad unsettled that 1 is not in our possession (yet) but on the other hand I don’t ever have to have the last two or so seasons. Ironically, I started the whole X-Files thing with Season 3. Yup, just like B5 currently exists in our collection now, except I have a legit excuse for mid-starting X-files. The Bleeping Alien episode (Jose Chung’s From Outer Space) and Clive Bruckman’s Final Repose. I don’t think I have to say much more (well, maybe Auto-erotic-asphyxiation because…HEE!). Still, not having Season 1 (as rough as it might have been) nags at me whenever I glance over at X.

Hey! I just realized that we have one sole season of Star Trek as well, and it would also be Season 3. Hmmm!

Incase you are wondering, since I have been TV series name dropping; Babylon 5, Buffy, Farscape, The Prisoner, Rosewell, Stargate, SG-1, Star Trek, and the X-Files (we also own 3 or 4 runs of anime but I am unsure if they were series or shorts or what). Only Stargate and The Prisoner are complete sets however (*wah*) and the list certainly doesn’t address any of the shows we would like to collect. That fact right there is what makes me a bone fide Grade-A freak. Oh sure, put Star Wars or The Godfather on DVD and I could care less. Whatever. Tell me that they are finally releasing MacGyver (or better yet, Tales of the Gold Monkey) on DVD and just try to hold me back. I’ll bet I’m the first person to preorder on the planet (probably starting with Season 3).

Yeah, I don’t get it either. Maybe it is because I grew up with beta and VHS so there was never a time for me (that I can remember) when I didn’t know that a movie would be out on video. Sometimes (hello Mr. Lucas) it would be on TV a handful of years later and then much after that it would be available on tape BUT there was always the comfort of knowing that eventually I would be able to see the movie if I missed it in theaters. Not so with TV. Unless you taped the entire season (and who really back then thought to do that?) you got one maybe two chances to watch every episode and that was it. Remember when the Washington Monument was held hostage and the networks interrupted all shows to endlessly give us reports (for 45 minutes) of “Well, still nothing has happened, but stay tuned!” I missed an entire episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey which was never rerun. Never. I faithfully watched for it the rest of the season but no. Gone. If it were a movie, I’d just jolly myself down to the local Blockbuster and rent it but it wasn’t and it is forever gone and I’ll never get it back.

In reality it probably was a pretty mediocre episode and in the grand scheme of things, I am sure my life’s path did not hinge on my having missed that one episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey but it illustrates the fleeting nature of TV. Unless the show got picked up in syndication anything you missed in a season you missed forever. There is an entire show out there called Quark that only three people I know remember ever being on TV. Well, three people and the imdb but still, go up to someone and ask them about that cool space show “Quark”. I bet you get the same “Huh?” answer I get all the time. People just don’t remember it. Freaky. I remember an entire show that 98% of the people I meet don’t. Very Twilight Zone (y’all DO remember THAT show right?).

Now they have decided to put the more popular shows of current and past on DVD and that is most excellently cool. Remember that great Season closer on Star Trek with the Borg and Captain Piccard as Locutus? Got it. Bleeping Alien episode of X-Files? Bingo. The SG-1 Groundhog’s Day episode? Check! Once More With Feeling? Errr…I’m not sure but if we don’t have it now we will be getting it. (What season WAS that anyway?) I can also watch these shows at my leisure so I don’t have to be sitting in front of the tube at 9:00pm Friday night to catch the latest SG-1. I could but if I miss it, whatever. They will come out with Season…7 (8?) eventually and there ya go.

OK, yeah I’m a freak BUT I’m a freak with all the cool episodes of all the cool TV shows (except the ones I don’t yet have) on DVD. I don’t have to say “remember the episode when…” because I can just pop the darned thing in the player and watch it. The boo network: All the cool shows (except the ones I don’t have the money for yet) at any time (that I have free). Period. That’s my slogan. Heh.

I’m going to go watch some Stargate or something because I can!

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