A Sense of the Friday Five

BAH! No Friday Five today. Lazy butts. Well then, *I’m* going to make my own Friday Five AND I’m going to ask leading questions too. Watch me.

1. What is one of the most amazing things you have ever seen and why did it stick with you?

Ironically enough, not the Grand Canyon. I guess I have no soul or something because to me it looked like a great big hole in the ground with a river at the way way bottom. So something that I saw that stuck with me. Who comes up with these questions-oh wait. Right. Hee. OK. Ooo, I have one but it’s not a singe “event” as much as it is something that happens periodically when the conditions are right. If you happen to be out on a cloudy day and if there happens to be a bunch of green trees waving in the breeze (or just sitting there works too) off in the distance and if there happens to be a break in the clouds just over the trees, sometimes the sunlight can do some really cool things. I’m not talking about that shaft of “Jesus” light that you see ALL THE TIME on inspirational and religious greeting cards but an opening that lights the trees up and makes them glow brilliant green while the rest of the world is overcast in gloom. You don’t ever see the light except to notice “Wow, look at the trees over there!”

We would get that most frequently on the peninsula on the other side of the lake. I don’t think you have to have a lake either, but now that I think on it, a lot of this particular phenomena has been in and around lake shores with trees so… Anyway, whenever this sort of thing happens I will always stop and ogle a bit. There is something surreal about plodding along in a gray surly day only to see some trees in the distance on fire with green. You can’t even see where the light is exactly because the trees are all back dropped in sullen gray but there they are all lit up and brilliant in a dull overcast day. Maybe it is because the trees are such a shocking contrast to the world around them or maybe it’s because I happen to be attracted to strong colored things (shiny!) but every time I see these strange out of place bright cops of trees it makes me stop and say “Oh, COOL!”

2. What noise drives you utterly bonkers and why.

I hate trying to go to sleep when I can hear music playing. I can do it if the music is bland classical (that I don’t really know well) but if I am familiar with the piece or if it has words I can not get to sleep. I find that I get really tired but my mind sits there and listens to the music and SINGS ALONG. You ever tried going to sleep while your brain is singing “Sweet Home Alabama”? It can not be done. If it is a song I don’t know with words, my brain tries to get my ears to tune in and figure out what the words are. Since my ears are more apt to listen to my brain than to me, who is desperately trying to fall asleep, I wind up listening to some tune I don’t know. *I* want nothing more than to just GO TO SLEEP ALREADY but the rest of my brain has to try and figure out what is being sung. You can’t sleep when half of your thinking power wont up and drop into REM sleep because it’s trying to figure out the rhyme scheme of whatever rap is being played. The absolute worst is when someone is playing an album that I know well because not only does my brain sing the whole damn album, it anticipates the next song and gets ahead of things. ARRRGH!

3. Do you have any smells that bring back strong memories? What are they?

Sometimes when I am walking along in the summer I’ll smell a smell that is straight from my Grandparent’s house. It’s a tough smell to describe but it has to be a warm dry summer day smell with a hint of something earthy a bit of something loamy, and a tad of something sulfurous. G&G on my mumses side lived for most of my life in Alabama so we would go down and visit them for Easter when the south was full in on their spring blooming. The days are hot (70-80) while the mornings and evenings tend to be cool (60s), the flowers are out and the grass is slowly burning and everywhere there is red dirt. They also lived on the Coosa river and in the neighborhood (5-10 miles away) of a paper mill so on the odd day here when it is sunny and the right combinations of earthy, warm, loamy and slightly unpleasantly tangy pop up it reminds me of my Grandparents house.

I also have a more general smell thing that happens around October. Sometimes when it’s wet and gray and miserable with a bit of a chill you can smell winter. I always enjoy that because it means my favorite (albeit bleak) season is finally here to stay (late fall..YEA!) and my favorite holiday ever (Halloween…YEA!) is around the corner and pretty soon snow will be on its way (Snow…YEA!). Man, I love that first chill scent of winter approaching.

4. At the end of any given day, what do you remember having touched and why

Hee. TheMan. He is smooth and soft and in the mornings we tend to cuddle between snoozes so I get to doze while all snuggled up to him. Did I mention he is soft? Mmmm. He’s smooth too. I like that in a man, soft and smooth and cuddlable. Good stuff.

Lately, the other thing I keep remembering (only because it keeps happening) is that my heels are dry and cracked and are catching on all manner of things. The sateen comforter will rip across my dry cracked rough foot like I was sand papering it and even my socks get snagged now and then. I really need to do something about them because the feeling of catching against the sheets is not a pleasant one and the feeling of catching my skin on my 20 grit heels is even less pleasant. I don’t know if this really counts or not because it’s not until I catch my lizard like skin on something that I remember I did the exact same thing that morning and that I really ought to get out the pumice stone and fix my feet.

5. Describe one of you r favorite meals…what makes it so?

Mmmm. Right now it’s TheMan’s grilled chicken and couscous dish. He’s got the chicken perfected so that it’s nice and spicy as well as incredibly chicken flavored. That sounds goofy but he has the spicing down right so that the chicken tastes more like chicken that it would if you just tossed it in the oven and grilled it naked. The chicken, not the chef.


Anyway. Moving on. He has also closed in on the perfect couscous to hommus ratio that keeps the side from being dry yet not overpowering in its couscousness. Besides, mmmm, hommus. The side is a bit blander and complements the chicken, yet has that distinct hommus taste that is really good. Maybe it’s the garlic. I love me some garlic.

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One Response to “A Sense of the Friday Five”

  1. 414 Says:

    1. Adouble rainbow at 7:30am in the western sky over NMU campus when arriving at work in1985.

    2. A neighbors snowblower at 5:00am, because I am a quiet hour of guy at that hour.

    3. New mown alfalfa and the bails of hay on a warm summer day. Stacking them in a mow lit only by reflective light.

    4. The leather of a certain lounge chair, a wedding gift 38 years ago. The memories of our children playing with it.

    5. Any of the fresh fish from Thill’s, what SHE does with it can not be matched at any restraurant.