Oscar Thief, Smithee Stuff, Short Sheets and Leap Day SugarFest ‘04

I can NOT believe that Skeletal Pirate Army did not take the visual effects category hands down at the Oscars. We were robbed (I am allying myself with the Pirates). ROBBED! I mean, Oliphonts vs. Skeletal Pirate Army? Are you nuts? SKELETAL PIRATE ARMY!!!!! Ahhhhh! These academy peoples clearly don’t know good when they see it. Alessar pointed out to me that Return of the King might have taken off with Pirate’s Oscar because nobody thought the Balrog was “special enough” last year or the year before. Mmmmmmmaybe I’ll let that pass (hee!) because the Balrog rocked all kinds of Special Visual Effects coolness but the Acadamy has got to stop with the mercy Oscars for past oversights…they are leaving my Skeletal Pirate Army bereft of the Oscar they deserve.

Not that I actually stayed up to watch the Oscars, I got my info from the NYT this morning heh. I thought I did really well in the “bragging rights” Oscar pool here at work (a co-worker organized this beastie where you have 24 categories and 24 numbers ranging from 1 � 24 to assign to each category and the person who got the most points (by having either the most picks or the highest numbers in winning categories I suppose) won. Woah, that was a vicious parenthetical! We now return you to your normally programmed blog already in progress) and was all that about my 169 points…booYAW! Then the coworker sent out the results and of the 15 participants, 11 of them broke 200. Yeah. Moving on.

Stupid Return of the King Oscar thief!

I have some pics of stuff I did this weekend as I have been feeling the urge to do some picture blogging but TheMan has to pull them from the camera and he’s been doing that work thing or something. Sheesh. So, in short Friday pretty much was a waste. I got home and crawled into bed to take a nap. I was not feeling my best, probably a touch of whatever kept TheMan home that day, so bed seemed really inviting. I even thought about skipping Stargate SG-1 but I didn’t want to waste the whole night away. It turns out that I went right back to bed afterwards so I might as well have. No wait, we watched some sort of Kung Fu movie that was on after Stargate. Maybe? Yes? I tried to go to bed, that much I know!

Saturday we had the big Smithee Culling Fest Part Ducks so the first half of the morning was dedicated to running around like mad things and cleaning up the house. I went out shopping for dinner supplies and a VCR while TheMan guarded the home front. I accomplished returning $16 worth of bottles and cans…which I managed to fit all in the trunk of the bug! I even snagged two different JSFR for everyone to try (which I may post date. Heh!) so I was hopping. PLUS, I had finally shaken the sinus headache of doom. You gotta love that. It was pretty nice out too which was a joy. Mmmm, spring.

The Smithee Culling II went…well? I’m not sure how you actually grade these things…I mean we are watching bad movies so that’s not good but they did yield some good material so that is good. This month’s random picks had a drowning theme to them too, which you might expect from something called “Gator Bait” but “Night of a 1000 cats” (at least to me) doesn’t scream “There could be a drowning in this!”. The Tattoo Connection (the lovers, the dreamers and meeeeeeeee!) probably not either, being a Kung Fu flick but you never know. It was set in Hong Kong, which is an island, so there is possibility for death by water. All I have to say on our three features is 1. Who decides which characters gets the makeup and get to bathe in Bayou flicks? 2. New Strategy Dorgo, let the master win. Plus, this really ought to have been called “Psycho Who Flies Around ENDLESSLY with a Helicopter and Picks Up Women so He Can Behead Them for His “Collection” and Oh, There is a Room Full of Cats That He Feeds the Remains to But They Don’t Do Anything for 99.8% of the Movie”. 3. We were originally going to watch some other Kung Fu movie that had an “Army of Evil Tai Kick-boxers” but the disc was so chewed up from having come loose in the package that it was unwatchable.

Sunday morning, about 3am actually so Very Early Sunday morning, I was doing my usual “I drank way too many liquids last evening” dead of morning pee run (vs. the early morning pee run and the morning pee run and the late morning pee run…I need to figure out how to pace my liquids) and accidentally woke TheMan up getting back into bed. In his “I’m still asleep…mostly” voice, he informed me that he had popped the corner of the sheets. I hate that. It feels weird and either your head or feet get all tangled up in the bunch of sheet and something’s always touching mattress no matter how much you squirm around. Mattress is COLD! I offered to come around and tuck the corner back in since I was already mostly awake anyway having just gotten back into bed. I hopped over to his feets and realized after I tucked the sheet back in, that the corner nubby pocket doohickey was a foot up the side of the bed from the corner of the mattress. I looked up at my side of the bed and lo! The corner nubby pocket doohickey that was supposed to fit nicely over the mattress corner by my head was about a foot down from where it should have been. At that point in time I realized that we had put the bottom sheet on sideways.

How does one not notice when they are making the bed that the fitted sheet is off by 90 degrees? It stayed on fairly well though, considering we were functioning under severe operator error.

When we finally woke up (fitted sheet still intact, I might add) at 10:00, which is quite early in the Q house (but too late for Church…foo), I started in on My Project. While we have been doing spot loads of laundry for a couple of weeks (the occasional undie load here, shirt load there…) we haven�t really done an all encompassing laundry extermination for over a month. I was determined that Sunday was going to be the day I beat back the laundry beast. We also decided Sunday was going to be a lazy day so we fired up EQ and played in one hour increments while I did laundry stuff. It worked quite well, I got 6 of 9 loads done including the newly but poorly put on sheets. Hey, there was no way I was going to be sleeping on feet sheets, which would have happened if we had simply rotated the bottom sheet.

After that, we headed out to Rob’s for some pizza and dessert. It’s family tradition to do dessert on Leap Day. Actually, it’s family tradition to eat dessert first and meal afterwards but TheMan and I agreed that we would much rather have a good but light meal and then a kick ass dessert. Our dessert du Leap Day was two Little Debbie chocolate cookie snack things (couldn’t find brownies) warmed up with a scoop of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate chocolate Oreo ice cream and Brownie/cookie dough ice cream topped with chocolate sauce and butterscotch. For the record, it was AMAZING but next time (in four years) it needs to be made with half of the ingredients. It was incredibly rich. Uuuuurp.

And so, after the Pancreas Killing Sugar Fest of ’04, I have made a few vows. I’m calling them my “lent but starting in March” vows and I’ll probably stick with them until May 1st. One: No sweetie things like cake, candy, donuts, muffins, ice cream, chocolate for the whole time. Sugar in my coffee is fine though. Two: No booz on the week days (M-F). I’m not masochistic! Three: I shall have exercised at least 20 minutes before playing EQ. That way, I’m at least exercising no? Heh. So far, so good considering someone brought in peanut butter chocolate squares (and I have had NONE of them. HA!) but it’s only the first day.

Last Year at the booniverse: No vision of horror was waiting for me anywhere and no ghosts were buzzing around trying to hold me down. However something was out there because I heard “Get her” again.

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