In Like a Lion!

First off, check out this past Saturday…I post dated a Snack Food Review. Well, we had it all ready to go but for the pictures (and the actual typing but in essence everything was there) on Saturday so well, hey My Blog, I’ll post date when I see fit. Nyahhh! ANYWAY, A while back I wrote about The Day When You Know Winter is Here and yesterday as I stepped outside to wander off to Kid’s Class I was hit smack in the senses with The Day When You Know Spring is Here.

Due to some lateness of being I worked through lunch and missed when spring got here but by 4pm there was definitely a spring quality to the air. The morning started out cool and crisp with a touch of rain but also had a bit of sneaky winter wind puffing about. Winter winds can be dangerously frigid or they can just be annoyingly chill and blowy but they all pretty much have that soul sucking quality about them that says “baton down the hatches, spring is a looooong way off. Sucker”. There is a drudgery about winter winds that reminds you of snow and lack of growing and hard times in general. Bleak, dreary, depressing, endless, gray, morose, all are good winter wind names and come February you are just sick of each and every one. Sometimes, come February, winter winds get names that are not so family oriented too

Yesterday, however, things had changed. As I stepped outside there was a strong insistent wind trying to make everyone sit up and take notice but this was a different wind. This wind, as fierce as it wanted us to believe it was, smelled like dirt. Winter winds do not smell like dirt, winter winds smell mostly like the inside of your nasal passages freezing up. This wind smelled like loam, good wet, nurturing loam. This wind, which ripped down the street and frog marched the clouds across the sky smelled like the promise of budding trees and new shoots.

It’s about freaking time! I did have to laugh though because yesterday’s wind was all up in arms about how bad it was, “Look at me BLOW! Oooo, I am scary! Blow! Blow! BLOW!” and all I could think of was “Ahhhhh…I can smell spring. Happy, warm, budding green stuff spring. Hello wind!” I totally did not take all the blustering seriously, well unless you count the vague thought that it was a darned good kite wind. In retrospect, I may have hurt the wind’s feelings.

As much as I like that first smell of winter by March I’m ready for a change. I’ve had enough of chill. I’ve had enough of white, gray or worse yet, dirty dead brown littering the landscape. It gets old really fast but then, suddenly, on a day like yesterday the wind will get up in arms and you can feel and smell a change. Sure, it most likely will snow again, just like in the fall there was a possibility of a few good warm days left but despite the potential of another small cold snap, yesterday was the first day of spring promise. From here on out, it is going to get nicer more than it’s going to get nastier and that’s a good thing.

I also saw little crocus shoots poking up through the flower beds at the Public Library. My first sign of green! Go crocus!

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