Stoopid Groundhog

Does he ever not see his shadow anymore?

Stoopid Monday. Hate. On the other hand, it was unseasonably warm this weekend so yay that.

Friday the Qs were down state for the folk festival so we all gathered up and headed on out to dinner. We decided to check out Palm Palace ne Charlie’s Place ne La Shish to see what a double name turnover has done to the place. La Shish was the BOMB for Middle Eastern food but we never made it to Charlie’s Place before it reimaged once again. They haven’t done much reimaging at all in the inside and most of the outside (the stained glass windows still had “LS” on them. Hee) but the food has slipped maybe a point or two. I had lamb and hummus and the lamb was just the slightest bit tough (although TheMan’s lamb sausage was the tasTAY and MomQ’s lamb chunks were nice and tender) but not a deal breaker. The orange smoothie was also up to standards as was the pita bread. Dang they make good pita bread. The hummus, however, was way too salty. Wah! La Shish had the best hummus ever anywhere period so getting a plate full of salty meh was very sad for me. Hopefully it was just a onetime thing and they really have the delicious hummus of yore.

Saturday we did breakfast at the Bomber (day 2!) and I got the caramel apple pancakes. Mmmmmm….

What? Right! Saturday. After breakfast, MomQ, DQ, DadQ and I headed out and about for crafty supplies (once again, I miscounted my yarn and found myself short by 3 skeins) while TheMan headed home to clean. Then I was dropped off at home and started in on the cleaning for we were having a girl’s Smithee night in. There’s been a bit of a Smithee kerfuffle in the form of the Sultan’s VCR taking a dirt nap. This wouldn’t be so bad if it had quit after the Sultan had made his clips tape but it didn’t. While us girls were planning a night of Smithee fun, TheMan and Badmovie were going to be doing the usual movie clipping as well as capturing the Sultan’s clips. Poor Sultan, VCR go ‘plody.

But first, house cleany! It took us seven hours (or 10 if you count from when TheMan started straightening up) to get the house ship shapish for company. I ran out of time to vacuum the stairs, or any of the upstairs for that matter, and some of the knickknack shelves didn’t get dusted because I deemed them too out of the way to notice. What? I WAS ON A SCHEDULE! I did dust and rearrange the two DVD bookshelves, which took about three years each. One knickknack shelf got hit and the top of another but the rest of the shelves are too full of little tiny dusty things so I put them on my ignore list. I also did some fantastical furniture shoving and relocating so I could scrub the beegeebus out of the floor. That room has never looked so clean!

LunarGeography and StalkerPatti arrived on time (sadly. I was still finishing up the kitchen) so we had munchies, made Oreo truffles and watched a Christian sponsored time travel movie. Yeah. The science behind the time machine was nicely giggle-able and they had a beautiful 1 liner (which I think they intended to be serious. LunarGeography says that when it comes to the rapture, people of that mindset don’t have much of a sense of humor about it) but the rest of the flick made me feel like I was in church listening to dueling sermons. Fortunately we had amaretto sours to help pass the time.

Sunday the Sis, BroIL and Michener Everett Nefling came over to pick up the Meow and go out to breakfast. We had a singularly horrible experience proving that it’s three strikes and you are out rather than the third time is the charm. Sad. We got back, the Meow was peacefully packed up and off they went into the wild blue yonder. I think we’ve had Meow for almost a month so the rest of the evening was a little surreal every time we went upstairs and there wasn’t a grey cranky looking kitty waiting for us and wanting some scritchies.

TheMan left for his Sunday meeting and I crocheted more of Spider Baby Blankie. I also took a wee nap (yay!) and then headed on out to the badgardens for movie night. It was a Donald birthday celebration in which neither Donald was there nor did his birthday cake come out right. It tasted very delicious (chocolaty chocolate with dark chocolate chunks, frosted in LG’s amazingly tasty frosting) but was epic Bundt fail coming out of the pan. We even greased AND floured but the top half stayed in while the bottom half came out when we turned the cake pan over. I’m talking a clean split half way up all the way around. Sure I’ve had bits stick before but never have I had the top half of a Bundt lodge in the pan after taking all the cake evicting precautions. Our theory is that the chocolate chunks created a fault line which then cracked when cake punting stress was applied. Anyway you look at it, it was a very Donald cake and we ate it with delightful abandon.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I took a nap on Sunday, too! This is not to be confused w/ my Saturday nap. I napped for both of us that day.
    Loved the girls Smithee movie night–1/2…that’s 50%!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TeacherPatti Says:

    I meant to tell you…I was checking your blog at lunch and the girl who has a crush on one of my kiddos and is always in our room saw the blog name and goes, “Booniverse! That sounds soooo fun!!!” 🙂 You have a young fan, my friend.

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