Blog and the Bug

In which the plague one-ups me and I get all thoughty about blogs. Whatever they are.

Hey, what’s that bug doing with something that looks like an Olympic torch sparkler? Do we have a drain hole in the wall? Wait…AHHHHH!


Yeah, the bugs got through the outer wall defense and now we are fighting hand to hand in the inner keep. I’m home wishing I could get a decent nap in so I wouldn’t have to be conscious for rumble tummy. I hate nausea. Haven’t yarked yet, because I loathe yarking and will do anything to avoid it, but I would rather be sleeping through the ups and downs of my digestive system. I fed it oat meal this morning, which it was OK with, more or less, and I just fed it pork goyza and freezer peas.

And now to favor you with my two freezer peas songs that I have been singing ever since I started preparing them:

From the dusty roads of the American Civil War, I give you:

Peas peas peas peas eatin freezer peas. Goodness how delicious, eatin freezer peas!

And jumping ahead a century, courtesy of Joe Walsh:

Unfreeze my peas!

It’s all just symptoms of the plague. I plan to play Diablo II for a while until I either get up and fix soup or fall asleep and nap and then get up and fix soup.

I read a handful of blogs or journals or whatever online and yesterday I ran across an entry that was written for a web ring collaboration thing. I guess the members had to write something in seven minutes. I thought I might give it a try just to see how much I could get down but I would probably just be frustrated. First off, I cant touch type. Well I can, technically but I am so much faster hunt and pecking that my touch typing is frustrating beyond all get out. Every time I have tried to better my touch typing I give up and go back to peck peck pecking within five minutes. To be fair, my hunt and pecking is almost a quasi touch type since I usually have about six fingers involved in the process and the right hand stays over in the right hand side and the left in the left. I can even type short things (and, then, where, the) without looking too, but it’s never going to be as fast as touch typing I think.

Second, at least today, I am on the lap top. I am not quite used to the keyboard so things are a little slower.

Third, I’m sick and I don’t want to today. Heh, I am going far on that excuse. I’m sick, I want hot chocolate! I’m sick, I’m going to open the tiny m&ms! It’s a good source of comfort and I’m all about indulging me. I’m sick after all, I could use all the comfort I can get. Bleh! Stupid bug.

So, anyway, I followed the link back to the main web ring page and read their requirements about joining. (I really need to find the forward delete key on this machine, I use it all the time at work and I feel a little lost without it here). So the ring said something like “We are elite, sorry if you don’t measure up, it’s not a reflection on you.” Ummm, yeah it is. But that’s OK it’s their group, they can decide who lives and who dies (sorry, had to put that in. Shout out to Crooooooooow!) but man, I feel sorta rejected already without even trying to join. It’s like high school all over again, the popular girls were popular because…ummm…they had some elite standards and if you didn’t measure up you couldn’t be elite either. They never told you what they were either and neither did this web ring. To give them credit, they offered examples of the “right stuff” so I guess you can figure it out.

They also said “No blogs!” which I have seen elsewhere too. As best as I can figure, and they had good examples of blog and journal on the web ring which is the first time I have ever been able to compare the two, a blog is a short stream of consciousness thing and a journal is a longer piece. But is a journal more like a diary? I know booniverse hasn’t really settled into a niche yet but I am unsure if it is blog or journal material. Some entries have been typical diary style while most have been a unified thought about one topic. Eventually I might settle into something but for now, I’m pretty much writing what I feel like. Besides, blog sounds cool.

Which brings me to this thought: My dock icons are jumping. TheMan is at work and told me to fire up iChat. I’m typing my blog entry in word and every so often this little iChat dude jumps up from my hidden dock. It reminds me of a little kid who is too short to see so they start jumping up and down to get a better look. Heh, my dock icons amuse me.

Last night the man fired up the computer (hee! Little dock icon dude! Excuse me a moment) and we tracked some of the hits to the blogs. Surprisingly a lot of people read our stuff. Well, not a lot of lot, but more than just my mum, each other, Randal of the 2 Ls and DQ. Someone in Lansing took a peek and there are a lot of Chicago hits. Who are these people? Do they like to read this stuff? Are they like me and think “Cool, a new entry!” or do they just read this stuff to pass the time away? Wish I knew.

Heh, this has been a rather stream of consciousness entry. I’d blather on more but I have some Diablo II to play and some soup to start. So until tomorrow, all or any of you who are reading, adieu.

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  1. theMan Says:

    I bid one adieu too!

  2. boo Says:


    I see your adieu and raise you two!

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