Random Picture Blogging

Whooo! TheMan processed my pictures that I took Saturday so I thought I’d flop them up here for funs. It’s kind of “A Day in the Life” of type thing, except I only took 5 pics and missed a lot of the Day in the Life towards the evening. So, if you will, I present to you “Some Saturday Pics of Random Stuff That Amused Me” with accompanying blurbits. Will this be a load unfriendly entry? Dunno, I have broadband!

First Order of Business: Returnables!


I’d like you all to know, that is $16.60 worth of cans and bottles (plus a jug of washer fluid…non returnable) stuffed into the trunk OF A BUG! Worship my l337 packing 5k1llz! It only took me one rearrangement and one war wound to cram all these in there without dropping the back seat, thankyouverymuch. Yeah, OK so we look like a walking advertisement for Pepsi but notice the beers? Mmmm, beer. Mmmm, good beer. I just wanted to point that out.

Also, if you take a look in the very upper right corner you can see a very tiny bit of the corner of a Canada Dry box so we do branch out a bit from the Pepsi Productage. Somewhere either to the right or the left of the solo Pepsi Twist carton (yeah, that narrowed it down. The one that is a row further towards the top of the picture from the Newcastle/Pepsi Twist row) is the six pack that tried to take my thumb off. I had to wedge it between the Pepsis and it did one of those “Not going, not going, not goin-FOOM” deelies where you put more and more pressure on it and then suddenly it shoots into place like it was fired out of a cannon or something. I caught the pad of my thumb either on the cardboard or the lip of one of the cans (in case you were wondering, it would have been a Diet Vernors, which is a surprise considering there is 1 case of Vernors to 5 cases of Pepsi) and sliced the beegeebus out of it. Bled like a stuck pig. Oi!

As a side note; we usually let the cans pile up because our second vehicle is a truck and you can fit all sorts of returnables in a truck. Well, provided your truck has current plates and has finally gotten that oil change it was due for back in…errr…MOVING ON!!

I’m Back! Booty from the boot!


It’s all arranged on our front porch awaiting…errr…well me to take a picture of it. Heh. No wait! It’s waiting to be loaded into the house. Yeah! That is an economical midstep in the grocery unloading phase. ANYHOW, you can see, again, Pepsi. Also, you can see that the Q house will be drinking Corona this time out. A good choice if I do say so myself and the only palatable beer in the whole freaking store. Miller lite MY ASS!

That big box of somewhat blurry nature would be the new sacrificial VCR just bought for the Smithee culling fest also planned for later that day. Badmovie was going to bring out “Gator Bait”, a movie that has eaten 2 VCRs so far. We figured that we still had the receipt for this one. Heh. Under the VCR (which may have to go back…strange things began happening after watching Gator Bait, which we did manage to view the whole way through) and hidden, apparently from shame or fear or both I suppose is a 12 pack of Diet Lime Coke. Maybe it feels threatened by the Pepsi air of superiority that oozes from our house? TheMan prefers Pepsi but discovered that the Diet Lime Coke makes a mean float. Weird but true. Under the Coke is a 12 pack of Diet Vernors. The rest of the haul includes pants for me that have to go back, Japanese Snack Food, Turkey bologna, lasagna fixings, ice cream (for the floats), cups, errr…and lots of other things but not wood glue or clamps. Those were the only two items on my list that I couldn’t find at Meijers (and wouldn’t exist at Hillers).

Speaking of lasagna: SAUCE!


Again, as usual, I bought too much for the pan and made too much for the pan and despite putting only a tiny tiny bit of cayenne pepper in the sauce it was “verra spicy!”. I also made lasagna soup, but I do that all the time so it wasn’t a big surprise. It tasted good though and people really dug it. One of the guests asked me for the recipe and I have to say that I don’t really have one. I’m not sure I ever really had one. I might have asked someone once about lasagna but basically you take noodles, sauce, and stuff, layer it, cover it and pop it into an oven at 350 for 45 minutes, take the cover off and add your mozzarella cheese and bake another 15 minutes and wala! Lasagna! I make it differently every time so just go with the flow when you make it I suppose.

After that came the frenzy of cleaning, which the cats just love (not). I whipped into the bedroom and found Isaak all crouchy cat in the laundry basket. He had his bug eyes going and was all hunchy guerilla style waiting to either beat the snot out of the next thing he saw or to run howling in cat terror from the next thing he saw. My basket! Mine! Youcanthave it! Minemineminemine Grrrrrrrrr! Of course by the time I got the camera he had regained his cat cool and all I got was this:


which clearly states to me, “I did not do anything of the sort. I am a cat, I can choose to be here in this basket if I want to. I can also choose to be somewhere else if I want to, but I do not choose to do so.” He looks upset that I even so much thought that he was, only moments ago, totally losing his kitty cool. Riiiight Mr. Cat, I so saw you go schitzo cat.

Of course, now everyone’s got to be in the basket.


“Damnit, I’m the cute one, the basket is my showcase. See, look, I’m cute. LOOK AT ME! Here, IN THE BASKET! The other cat (who did so go apeshit not moments ago) isn’t cute, he’s a poser. He wouldn’t know cute if it sat on his head (which I am inclined to do if he sits in MY basket one more time). See? I own this basket. It is MINE! What? Of COURSE it is..why are you looking at me like that?”

2 Responses to “Random Picture Blogging”

  1. Scott Says:

    Corona??? Hang your head in shame.

  2. boo of the LIME! Says:

    Au contrair mon frair, no shame here. Corona…with LIME. Ain’t nothing better on a warm day (and Spring is a coming up fast) than a nice cold Corona with a key lime wedge. Or a lime lime wedge, but key limes wedges fit in the bottle. Thems tasty stuff.