Momentary Zen

It was pretty mellow with a touch of satisfying yesterday and this morning. Work was…well actually work chugged along at a decent pace for once, plus I finished up three lingering projects AND I had very little interaction with my boss or coworkers. Not so bad even with the mind numbing tediousness of the projects. I suppose you have to take the good with the dull.

TheMan made a pasta concoction with the leftover lasagna sauce, grilled chicken and couscous. Just a note for future reference: Couscous doesn’t really make a “pasta dish” per se when you have some saucy type stuff. It makes more of a “pasta stew” dish. It was still very tasty though, just weird. I think couscous needs to be its own dish or a bed for something like a chunk of meat. Live and learn I suppose.

After we supped, I opened the latest Amazon package that had arrived on our doorstep: Stargate SG-1, Season 6! We are complete. Not only are we (TheMan and I) all comfy cozy with the Stargatage now, owning all 6 seasons as we do, but The Little Kitty too had her moment of Zen.


She is in a box. There is no happier animal in this world than a Vande-cat in a box. She is the box. She stayed there most of the evening too, exceedingly happy to have a new box. It’s the little things in life.

We watched the rest of the SG-1 Season 1 set and now get to move on to Season 2, another landmark at the Q house. The episodes we watched were pretty cool too; one of them had the credit opener shot of the Death Glider flying through the Stargate. I had been wondering which episode that particular shot had come from EVERY SINGLE TIME I saw that shot. “Oooo, that’s pretty cool. I wonder which episode that’s from?” TheMan thought we might have seen it already but I was pretty sure we hadn’t. Then again, sometimes I’m pretty sure about stuff that’s totally wrong but you think you would remember seeing something fly THROUGH a Stargate. We also saw the episode that introduced the Tolan and the first half of the Arctic Gate episode (the last half which we have seen about three times already). It was a productive watching.

Still blabbering on about Stargate, Season 6 has Jonas Quinn on the spine of one of the discs. Each season has had the 4 principals gracing a disc plus some other thing pertinent to the season (Season 1 had Apophis, another season had an Unas, can’t remember the others) and I was wondering what they would do with the season Daniel ascended. I’m looking forward to watching it because we have seen maybe 3 possibly 4 Jonas Quinn episodes and I thought he was an interesting character. Plus, the box is orange. Heh. The minus is that we are watching the seasons in order. It’s going to be a long time before we get to any Quinnage.

While watching TV, Isaak decided he needed some cat love.


He’s not a very touchy-feely cat but he does like to lie on his cat-mom any chance he can get (but don’t scritch him too much, he doesn’t like that!). I’m his woobie I suppose, that cat has some definite neurosis. Then again, he is a cat and he is Siamese.

TheMan finished up the taxes last night after I dug out my fidelity stuff. All I can say is for the first time since I can remember I will be getting a real sum of money back. Actually, we will be getting a good chunk of change back. I only emphasize “I” because TheMan usually gets a good chunk of change back. Me? It’s real hit or miss with the state, sometimes I owe them $40, sometimes they owe me $10. The Feds like me marginally better but I tell you, a $200 tax return is a blue moon event in the boo world. I’d always make out in the positive but with maybe enough to take me and a friend out to a good restaurant. This year even with getting married, TheMan and I are getting back enough money to do A Project with. That Rocks!

I sat and did some puppet stuff while TheMan did taxes. Bubbles has a sock puppet that I promised hair for a while back so last night I up and made some hair. I not only made hair, I made two hairs of distinctly different variety. I’m going to slap a Velcro onto the puppet when I next see her (and she has the puppet AND I have the Velcro) so that she can interchange hair as she sees fit. The hairs all have the other half of the Velcro sewn onto the backing. Another Public Service Announcement from the booniverse: Do not attempt to sew sticky back Velcro. I got a needle so gummed up I just tossed it. It was impossibly difficult to sew through too because the yarn and felt backing kept sticking to the needle. I had to get a thimble and then I had visions of slipping and impaling my other hand, thimble hand or heart (depending on how I was holing it).

The Zen continued this morning after I got up early. The getting up early wasn’t the Zen, unless you count the fact that I got up to take care of an extremely full bladder (hey, for some people…), having enough time to make coffee and an actual breakfast was. I slapped together egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches, juice and boss coffee. Mmmm. I like to start the morning off with a bit of a sit down and tasty food and drink.

Oh! That reminds me. I had one of those bizarre brain burp moments the other day. After ruining the morning caffeine imbibations several times by trying to espresso rough ground beans, I decided to just up and make damned coffee. Then I sat there for almost three minutes thinking “Hmmm. Coffee. Coffee…coffee…coffee. Well, I know we used to drink it before we got the cappuccino maker. That means we used to make it before we had the cappuccino maker. But how did we do it? We don’t have a coffee maker do we? We have filters but I don’t remember a maker. Nope pretty sure we don’t have a coffee maker. Coffee. Hmmmm. Coffee…coffee…coffee.” Then I remembered we have a coffee press. Heh. It’s been about four or five months since we have made coffee by press. (We actually do have coffee filters; we used them to filter out a particularly sediment laden wine.)

Right, I’m going to sign off before I forget how I used to use a computer. Hmmmm. Computer. Computer…computer…computer.

Last Year at the booniverse: I just made the crust for my ultimate cheese cake and I snagged a few of the thin mints while vaporizing them. Were they tasty? Well sorta. Did my stomach gurgle and heave? You bet. And did I learn my lesson? Of course not.

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