The Friday Five (3/5)!

Comic books and rubber bands
Climb into the tree top
Falling down and holding hands
Tricycles and Redpop
Pony rides and Sunday nights
Roller skates and snowball fights
Climbin’ through the window
Remember when you were a kid?
Well, part of you still is
And that’s why we make Faygo

-Brought to you by the Fago Company and Nostalgia

What was…

1. …your first grade teacher’s name?

Woah! First grade was a long time ago! Let’s see. The first name that came to mind was Mrs. Buyers but she may have been my kindergarten teacher. Hmmm…yup, she was. I still (29 years later) have a Christmas ornament from her that she made for all the kids in the class. It is a green glass ball and it has my name in silver glitter (and my real name isn’t a short happy thing at all! No AMY or Sue here!) and the back says (in sharpie) Love, Mrs. Buyer, 1975. It’s one of my favorite ornaments because I’ve had it all this time. I wonder what Mrs. Buyer would say if she knew?

There was a Mrs. McDonald who may have been my first grade teacher, Mrs. Parent was definitely my second grade teacher…no wait, Mrs. McDonald was my third grade teacher for the three months we were at the old old place. I’m going to go with Mrs. (or was it miss?) Heart. I remember what she looked like, just can’t remember exactly what grade I had her for.

You want to hear something totally useless? I remember the names of the reading books I went through in the old school: Rockets, Surprises, Footprints, [something like Starburst? I skipped this one], Honeycomb, Cloverleaf, Tapestry. Why? Sometimes the stuff that is rattling around in my head amazes me.

2. …your favorite Saturday morning cartoon?

*sniff* My mumses and dad wouldn’t let us watch cartoons. They were all into the “good parenting” or some crazy something or other that basically snuffed our cartoonage, nixed our popage (no pop! I do remember going to the Towne Club store though for when the ‘rents had bridge or whatever and we would get a case of all sorts of different pop. I loved going to the Towne Club place, they were like the Baskin Robbins of the soda world! If there was a flavor to be had, they made it and there was pop of all sorts of colors everywhere! Good times…except I NEVER GOT TO DRINK ANY OF IT!!) and kept us in Cheerios and Wheaties and wheat Chex for my entire childhood. Oh yeah, and quiche but I’m not going there.

Anyway, my sis and I would watch cartoons at other people’s house (HA!) but of the after school variety. I was always a fan of Spiderman. Oooo, and Voltron, but with the cats. The Voltron with the cars sucked.

3. …the name of your very first best friend?

Jani. I think she may have actually been a Janice but I moved away when I was 8 and everyone called her Jani anyway. Gees, that was a short answer. Sorry.

4. …your favorite breakfast cereal?

Well, from the “whole parenting good yuppie way of bringing up rounded children” method of cereal buying one had a choice of Cheerios (but not honey nut, that was a “sugar” cereal), Wheaties, Wheat Chex (but not any other kind of Chex because they were “sugar” cereals), All Bran (Bleeeeeeach! But good as muffins) and Corn Flakes. Why we could have Corn Flakes but not Corn Chex is a little confusing but those were the cereals allowed at the boo house of yore. Oh, and oatmeal and cream of wheat of course. Mmmmm, hot cereal.

When Grandpa and Grandma came over there were RICE CRISPIES in the house (Rice Crispies in da HOUSE boyz!) but we couldn’t eat them because they were (say it with me) “sugar” cereal and they were for Grandpa. After they left, however, sis and I attacked the half box of crispies like they were crack. We also got to have some wheil the grandparents were visiting. I loved visits from the Grandparents.

When my sis and I went over to Grandma of the dad’s side, we got to go shopping and pick out any cereal we wanted too! Whooo! I always went for the peanut butter Captain Crunch. Yummm! Then they went and changed their formula so that the cereal was crispity in a way that cuts your mouth up. Not so fond of the bloody breakfast mouth.

So I’m not really fond of the sugary sugar cereal (chocolate frosted sugar bombs!) because it feels like I’m eating bad candy. I also tend to eat more healthy cereals because, well, trained I suppose. (Right now, at the Q house we have the triple bag of Chex…*gasp*, yes we have RICE and CORN Chex. I still hate wheat Chex.) If I were to name the cereal that I like the most and am comfortable eating for breakfast (and not feeling like I’m cheating) I’d go with frosted mini-wheats. I can rationalize the frosting as something to make the wheats edible plus, I like them.

I’m also fond of frosted flakes, but I don’t tend to get them very often. It’s a “sugar” cereal!

5. …your favorite thing to do after school?

Errr…I’m not in school. After work? Lately it’s been napping. Tasty Tasty naps. Mostly, I’m happy kicking off my shoes and lounging around doing absolutely nothing. I relish absolutely nothing. Oh, and having someone wait on me hand and foot but realistically that doesn’t happen for a great many of the people in the world. Sometimes, though, TheMan will get me something to drink while I’m busy being a loungy butt because he Looooooooves me. Sometimes I get him something to drink when he’s being a loungy butt because I Loooooooove him. Mostly, whoever it closest to the fridge getting themselves something to drink offers up a beverage transport to the other person, who is most likely lounging on the couch. Doing nothing is a beautiful thing.

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