Cinco de March-o

I don’t want to work, I want to play on my drum all day! Except I don’t have a drum and I don’t really play drums anyway but the sentiment is so there. I woke up this morning and it was dark and rainy and TheMan was spooned up next to me snoozy as can be and the “I” had nested himself up against my stomach. Ahhh, I was a nice cozy comfy me sammich and that just is not conducive to getting up, getting ready and going to work. Then, the rain stopped and the weather got incredibly wonderful and I was so not wanting to come back from lunch. That too is not conducive to work. Stupid work.

So it was one incredibly hard “get in to work” morning. Oh my. You can’t just call in apathetic, really, and my boss and one of the Librarians are out today as is the web assistant so…well…it just doesn’t look good to say “Yeah, hi. See, it’s all rainy and I’m having a really good time sleeping and I just don’t think I want to come in today. What? Oh, I’m calling in ummm…disinterested. Yeah!” They really ought to have days like that where you can just call in and say “Hey, there is no way I’m coming into work today. I’m going to take an apathy day alright? Good! See ya Monday.” But I did drag myself to work and I did…work (more or less) and now I am done (more or less).

On top of the bad start, I went out to lunch with TheMan and Dirge and Oh. My. It’s in the high 60s out there and gusting up a storm. There isn’t a trace of wet, really, and do I really have to go back down into my underground hole? WAH! It is a perfect spring day out there and it’s a perfectly not any kind of weather back here at my desk. Actually, I take that back, earlier this morning it was moist in here (here being the library in general not my office). You know, I’m thinking it might not be a good thing to smell damp earthy wet in the air if you are in a library. I’m just saying.

Speaking of Dirge, we are almost up to happy grouping level with Dirge and Shar in EQ. We played last night for a bit, then they came on and we played some more and the next thing I knew wala! The frog nearly has another level and the enchanter is even closer to the next level. Insane, and no we didn’t spend hours and hours playing. We were on for 2.5 hours, very respectable given the experience. Wonderfully respectable. Unlike one of the fellas we ran into the other night (who sort of camped on out toes. I’m not sure really since we were a bit oddly placed but I think he took cuts…or something along those lines. He moseyed into part of our hunting grounds without so much as a howdy do and sat his ass down in preparation to play. Ummmm, excuse me here…yeah, we were sort of fighting right where you are sitting.

Meh, it just meant our grounds were halved, which kinda sucks but share and share alike and all. However, we sort of missed warning him when a giant undead Cyclops rambled into his blind spot. He was futzing around with another critter rooted to the ground a ways back (while he rested) and lo! Giant hungry undead Cyclops sneaks up and BAMITY BAM! Then, the critter he was formerly fighting snaps out of it and runs full tilt at the fella and take a couple bites too. Not that we sat and watched the whole thing happen. Or giggle when it did. Or even happen to take over the spot he was vacated from (you know, being that he was either DEAD or had managed to spirit himself away). Nope, not us. Heh.

Also speaking of spring, I was thinking that it’s about time to plant my bulbs! Yeah, the ones I got last fall that I should have planted in the ground before winter. Shut up! Anyhow, I was thinking about them (see, productivity!) and also thinking that I maybe was a little nuts to buy 300 of them, but none the less, there are about 300ish (actually slightly more) bulbs sitting in my cellar waiting for something to happen. I’d rather the something be that they bloom at some point in time rather than they rot away at some point in time so that means they need to get stuck in the ground. This means I need a plan because you can’t just willy nilly stick plants in the ground and have it look good. OK, *I* can’t willy nilly stick plants in the ground and make it look good. I have to have blue prints.

So I was giving the whole GARDEN thing some thinks. See, I have thoughts and ideas but they all integrate bunches of things including 300 bulbs. Well, actually they didn’t but because I thought is was a nifty (and cheap! Boy did I get a great deal on the bulbs!) thing to get these bulbs last fall, my plans now include bulbs. So I can’t just sketch where just the bulbs go, I have to plan everything in order to figure out where the bulbs go best. Trust me, I know if I just say “Well, I get these babies into the ground and then figure something out.” it just wont work. I’d wind up having to dig up most of them anyway because either my first attempts at planting would be an incredibly boneheaded design (what the HELL was I thinking?!??) or the idea I ultimately will come up with (which will be so incredibly awesomely cool all the neighbors will turn green with jealously over my brilliant green thumb) will have the bulbs somewhere other than where I first put them.

The plus is, that I figured out a new scheme to our eventual garden plans that include a decorative herb garden (always liked those) right over the bald spot that refuses to grow grass. I’m hoping it’s good for herbs. The minus is, I still am not entirely convinced I can squish 300 bulbs into my new and improved design. Hmmmm. Well maybe yes, maybe no and maybe TheMan has some ideas. Speaking of which, I gotta go!

See ya on the flip side.

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