Sweater Wearing Kitty Blue Screen of Death?

Hello hello hello and yes I post dated another Snack Food Review. Hey, there is one up for the weekend no? Right! Moving on.

By the way, it seems like I got the “black sweater with cables” memo because an inordinate number of people here are wearing said black sweater with cables as part of their dress, including me. I find it ironic because I NEVER am one of the “Oh, heh, you got the memo” joke people. My whole department, for whatever reason, wore a similar shade of teal one day and I showed up in my black and red/orange Hawaiian shirt. Yup. Not today though. Baaaaaaahhhh-WHEEEE! (sheep lemming).

You know what? I don’t feel like thinking cohesively today because I was sick yesterday (food-ish poisoning as best as TheMan and I can figure, both of us got hit and yes, it does seem like that gets us a lot. Thanks you for your concern, moving on) and I have a monster headache today that may be weather related, could be “Womanly” related, might be a lack of caffeine thing, possibly a overstuffed sinus complication or it could just be a GIANT TUMOR that will eventually grow out my eyeballs and temples until it POPS and my brain comes gooshing out my ears. At least then there will be no more headache I suppose. I took some Advil and had some coffee and it feels much, much better so I’m going to go with a sinus/caffeine thing with a dash of “Womanly”. Until my brain starts leaking out of my ears that is. So today looks like it’s going to be the poster child for SAST! Haven’t had one of those in a while.

The Kitty Intelligence Test DQ told us about this on Saturday when we visited her. In a nut shell, you put a laundry basket on top of the cat and see how long it takes the cat to get out of said laundry basket situation. You also put the basket lovingly over said cat so as not to startle or spook or piss the beegeebus out of it (and all that PETA friendly stuff). You know I was itching to get home post haste and try it out on the weirdoes. For the record:

Isaak ~1.5 minutes. We didn’t have the best timer piece so that’s a guesstimation. We flopped the basket (with much love and affection) over the “I” and sat back to watch. After about 5 seconds of sitting still waiting for his damned humans to take the basket OFF already, he decided it wasn’t happening and set out to do things himself. He ootched the basket here, ootched it there, then ootched the basket up to the bed where he managed to wedge it against the side long enough to escape. YAY “I”, I think that shows good think potential on his part.

Vande-Cat, well, we took pity on her after 10 minutes and removed the basket. I’m not saying she is dumb (although I’m not going to deny it either) but there are several factors that might have come into play. First, she might have just thought she was in a strange kind of box. We put the basket on top of her and she just sat there the whole time looking out. No move (other than to reposition to look somewhere else) to get out from under it, no lick nose of being caught under it, no freaked out spazoid “I GOTTA BE FREE” kitty, just one loafy looking at the world kitty. She stayed like that the entire time. I think she thought she was In A Box and was perfectly content with the situation.

My other thought is that she was patiently using her Kitty Jedi Mind Powers to lift the basket. When she wants to be under the covers, she will wander up to the top of the bed and stand there staring at the blankets. Sometimes she will look my way briefly, but she mostly just stands and stares intently at the blankets. She will do it for 5 to 10 minutes in many cases, until I get fed up with it and lift the covers for her. Wala! She is under the bed. I think she thinks that she can move the covers by sheer force of mind (after all, if she looks at them long enough, they lift up!) and she may have been doing the same thing with the laundry basket. It worked for her there too. Weird cat.

Some EQ Action and the Blue Screen of DEATH
We played a little EQ this weekend (surprise surprise!) but this time we tried an LDoN adventure. It stands for “Lost Dungeons of Norrath” not “Eldon” as TheMan heard me say it way back when (made it much harder for him to pick it up at the store) and it’s a group specific spawned zone, which means only your group can go there. Pretty cool, in that you aren’t competing with anybody for anything. It’s a timed thing too; you have 60 minutes to complete the “dungeon” for full credit and 90 minutes for half credit. You always get experience so in my book, it’s not a bad thing all around. Even if you get booted (the zone will go away after 90 minutes, leaving you at the entrance where you started) you get experience. We got booted.

BUT! What a blast! Dirge (playing Tanner), Shar (playing Saph), TheMan and myself ROCKED the four man team. We were THE BOMB, especially for our first time out. No one died (yay!) and we did pretty darned good with group tactics. Oh sure we need to practice some but for trying something out for the first time ever I think we rocked the house righteously. They (not the ants) recommend 5 people to do one of these things but our group covers all the bases in 4 characters so we are a well designed team. Our only major obstacle was some technical issues with my machine.

UGH! The lag. Oh The PAIN! My machine just gave up the ghost on that, even though we had knocked it back to pretty much the minimum settings to be playable. The new dungeons are just way to graphically intensive and I…was…continuously…experiencing…choppy…movement…whenever…I…went…to…do…anything. Seriously, I couldn’t tell when to let off the directional arrows because the screen seemed to be several seconds behind the action. Going over narrow bridges was the worst, you try correcting for vector when the screen is refreshing maybe 5 times a second at best. Smooth like a Michigan road after the winter. GAH!

Fortunately, TheMan was on the other machine that has a superior graphics card because I could *play* (after a fashion) the frog with hot keys and function buttons (which were responding with their usually zippy pep) while his character is reliant on mousing and quick action. The frog was playable but it was nerve wracking. We decided to get a new video card for my machine before the next LDoN adventure so I could actually play. TheMan picked it up yesterday and installed it on my machine. YAY!

Not Yay. Not even hooray. My machine is a home built deelie a friend of mine put together and it’s always been a bit odd. It’s been missing some windows files for ages (which are no real problem as nothing I have come across so far uses said files) which results in my having to tell the machine every single time that “Yes, I know these files are missing, deal with it” on start up. Then it gets all cranky once everything launches that I don’t have these things so I tell it again twice more that everything is fine, just start up already. I had to cobble together a windows install disc from the software I had from the old computer (and help from Dirge I believe) because my friend didn’t put windows on the machine when he gave it to me. I don’t think the machine has ever been happy with that, but it has worked, more or less.

Last night, however, the excrement was oscillated most alarmingly. It started with the new video card, which really wanted the drivers for the old video card wiped before the new ones were installed. So, TheMan put in the software disc that came with the card and very bad scraping whining noises started emanating from the drive. He figured that the drive was spinning faster than the disc could handle, or maybe wobbling from the disc being weighted funny, so he took it out and put it into the CDRW drive. Which my computer wont recognize Aaaaand the entire operation goes down in a fiery blue screen of death.

Much swearing ensues. The machine is rebooted in safe mode (in which it remains the rest of the adventure) and says that “Major bad things have happened! Please reset your display preferences”. TheMan does but to no avail because the machine will not let up with the “Something’s wrong!” message. Ever. Bah. TheMan decides to try to find the drivers on-line, which he does, but upon downloading them the machine once again dies the agonizing blue screen of death. It turns out that the install program has somehow been corrupted in the evilness that is my machine being cranky so there is nothing that can be done (TheMan looked too) until we can get a hold of some windows install discs and reinstall windows…with all the happy files in their unmolested state. We can’t put the old card back in either because the drivers are gone so while the new card is technically “in” the machine it won’t be doing any video card running any time soon.

Lastly, it may be that the disc drive that failed with the video card install disc may have failed permanently. The other disc *might* work if TheMan can convince the machine that “yes, this is a happy disc drive” (right now, the machine says the drive is incompatible and refuses to acknowledge it BUT if you tell the machine that it is a Read Only and not a CDRW drive, the machine seems perfectly happy). If all else fails, well, we have the extra RAM and boss video card…how expensive could a base machine be? Errr… *sigh* Stuuuupid computer.

So those are my technology woes. Hopefully, a good swift kick will convince my computer to straighten up and fly right. I’m stretching my kicking foot as we speak.

The Weekend Games
Not too much here. Saturday I got to play out my “EvilKimi” role and the whole party got captured by the great big bad of the campaign. Scott, the GM, told me a while back that Kimi wasn’t who she thought she was (re: Tallia Winters from B5); she was a brain hack personality created by the Evil Corporation to infiltrate the good guys. In an interesting twist, GoodKimi played with a quantum computer that scrambled her brain and split her into two equal personalities: The original EvilKimi and BrainHackShellKimi, making both personalities valid. Now it will become the fight for Kimi’s head (Don’t touch the head while I’m gone) plus the other players are captured and who knows what will happen. Interesting stuff!

The Sunday game was a little better than last time (when I realized afterwards that I missed the one event I had been waiting for, for over a year real time because no one told me exactly what that event was until AFTER I missed it. Grrrr) and I had fun. We got to go dimensional hopping, which is always fun. Plus, Badmovie brought via LunarGeography real British chocolate. Mmmmm.

Other Stuff
Ummm, you know I’m all tapped out. I don’t think we did anything really cool or noteworthy all weekend. We did blast through half of Season 2 of SG-1 but mostly because we have seen a lot of the episodes on the Monday Night SG-1 marathon. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad but I like seeing shows we have missed.

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