What Falls Between Brecht and Brin?

Monday night LunarGeography, TheMan and I went out to see Patricia Briggs at the new Borders for her book signing gig.

We met Patty a couple years ago when TheMan and I wandered into the ConBust supported Bed and Breakfast around midnight completely clueless about the goings on of the place. She took us under her wing (as the proprietress was long asleep by midnight) and gave us the nickel tour and then, when she discovered that we do bad movies, we got yapping for quite a while. It turns out Ms. Briggs is quite the bad movie fan herself. Thus, when I was poking about her site and found that she was coming to our home town, I sent an e-mail out seeing if she wanted some local company and perhaps a bite to eat after the signing. She was all up for that so we packed up some dinner for after work and then headed on out to listen to a reading of the new Mercy book by the author herself!

I am eternally fascinated by author readings. When I read a book the characters speak in certain voices in my head and it’s always interesting to hear how the creator of the character reads the voices. Audio books amuse me for somewhat the same reason but hearing the author read their own stuff is truer to how the book is supposed to be. I was surprised to find that my Mercy voice is a lot less whimsical than Patty’s Mercy voice but her Adam voice was pretty similar to the one that is in my head.

Hee. I have voices.

We didn’t get to see too terribly much of the presentation since we wandered over to the stage like area a bit later than we should have and didn’t score a prime seat (and also because the Border’s facilitators wound up parking themselves right in front of my limited view so I couldn’t see anything at all). However, LunarGeography and I brought along our crocheting so we cracked out the blankies and listened to the presentation. Patty read and then did Q&A for many 8 minutes and I got another scary block of blanket complete. I think I finished the length in a week’s time and I can probably get the border done by this weekend. That’s the fastest blanket I’ve ever made.

The signing lasted until 10 which, if you live in A2 you know is about the hour or just past the hour where everything rolls up the carpet for the night. The gaggle of us kinda wanted to show off our little city a bit and camp at a local eatery (or coffeery) but at 10 there’s no Paesannos, no Amir’s, no Red Hawk, no pretty much anything but Starbucks and that’s meh. Fortunately, while wandering about we stumbled on Espresso Royale which isn’t localish but was open and serving eats and drinks. We came, we ate and we gabbed until the place closed down.

And in case you were wondering, Patty had mentioned that being a ‘Bri’ author that she was shelved between Bradbury and Brin which got me thinking. I had some Bradbury and I have lots of Brin so wouldn’t it be cool if Briggs came between two of my other favorite authors? Then I realized I had Marion Zimmer Bradly so Briggs would fall between one of my favorite authors and a decent author. Not as cool as Bradbury and Brin but OK. When I actually got home and looked (because this had become a thing) I discovered that I own some Bertolt Brecht which comes after Bradley but before Brin. That’s awfully cool.

In reality, since we started reading Patty Brigg’s books after I organized the shelves, Briggs lands on top of Cook because Bradley, Braun (I see you cat mystery lady!), Brecht and Brin are not all the same size. This makes stacking new books that need to be shelved in the vicinity neigh impossible without some catastrophic leanings. Thus Briggs wound up in the neighborhood of where she will eventually be shelved (right location, one shelf down) and on top of yet another fave author of mine. Not bad.

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  1. Bailey Says:

    Yeah Patricia Briggs! I just finished Iron Kissed myself.

  2. Boo Says:

    OH! The Fey one. Dark! We picked up the new Mercy book at the signing and I think TheMan is already done with it. I’m gonna slog through Blue Mars (which is really a fantastic book but a very dense book and is taking me forEVER to read) before I crack open the new Mercy book.

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