Blanket Weekend

I started this blankie on Tuesday last week!

It was another jammed packed weekend here at the Q house starting out on Friday with a farewell coworker party. One of TheMan’s coworkers is moving on so we all gathered with goodies over at another coworker’s house. The hostess had a bazillionty things to try as well as the other stuff that arrived with people so there was food! Oddly, my peanut butter filled chocolate Bundt cake was the only guest arrived dessert (the hostess made homemade ice cream which…perfect!). I’ve never really been to a “bring a something” kind of event without there being at least 3 or more desserts.

Another fun happening was the “create a picture” artsy thing they put up. The whole lot of them are artsy types so crayons, colored pencils, chalk, and these waxy stick doodads were brought out and the blank sheet of paper was soon filled with freeform arty stuff. It was pretty cool, actually. I made some aliens and expanded out an octopus sort of fella who later gained claws and a dead fish hat. Don’t’ ask.

Saturday was Warcrafty a bit and then TheMan tootled off to Joel’s birthday party while I tootled off to the MST3K night. Roy of the MST3K had the Riff track to Star Wars (the original, thankyouverymuch) and a bunch of shorts for this go around. I was a little hesitant about the riffing of the mighty Star Wars but all in all it was awesome. One of my few knits was when they dissed the opening scene with the space ship fly-by as being oh-so-cliché. Didn’t Star Wars sort of start that? I was trying to think of any older space flick where there was a giant space ship fly-by and I wasn’t coming up with anything. Is it kosher to poke fun at using an overused trope when the overuser is the one who originated said trope in the first place? Sure now everyone is doing ship fly-bys but back then?

I also got a hella lot of blanket project “I forget what I’m calling it” done during the movie and shorts. I timed my rows (TheMan was curious) at 8 minutes a row and Star Wars has a lot of 8 minutes. I kinda scared myself when the end of the night rolled around and I had at least double if not more than what I started with. I think someone else snuck into my bag and secretly crocheted about a foot of blanket because there is no way I could have done all that and not had my arms fall off. I might be done with this fella by Tuesday, which will be exactly one week since I started it.

Hi, I’m Boo and I might have a crochet problem.

Sunday was more Warcraft boogering in which I got a level on Tan. Oh yeah, I have more than one character…did I forget to mention that? Heh. I so need a set up like Bubbles where she has a squad of toons she adventures with. Then I might could have at least one other toon somewhere around 80. Maybe. I am pathetic when it comes to leveling.

Badmovie canceled his game so TheMan and I were left to our own devices. I made Oreo truffles for my assistant’s birthday and did more crocheting. Heh.

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