The Phoenix

From the grave, folks, from the grave. We managed to resurrect the computer…OK TheMan managed to resurrect the computer from dying blue screen of death flames last night. It only took an entire Hard Drive wipe and seven hours but it appears to be working again. Huzza!


Here are the innards of The Machine in its newly installed and infinitely downloaded updated Windows state. Note the video card? That’s the new one babE! It has no qualms about the card. It loves the card. It is one with the card. See the upper CD drive? The one that is slightly longer than the other one there? It does NOT like the CD drive. Either of them. It will recognize the bottom drive but the bottom drive took a dive and never pulled out. She is toast. The upper drive works (or more accurately “wwwwwwwwoooooooorrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkksssssss), oddly enough, but the machine has fits about it. Now during start up, it beeps pissedly at me and reminds me “I do not know what this device is. Hellooo!” so I hit F1 and all is well. Weird. The machine, despite throwing fits about the drive starting up, is perfectly happy to read off the drive once everything is up and going. “What, THIS drive? Well, duhhh I can read off this drive. Like what’s the problem?”

Yes, that is a Yoda in there. He usually lives on the top of my machine, but I decided to put him in for the shot. Since we have been running this piece of crap marvelous piece of technology with the side flap off for a while, I might just keep Yoda in there. It can’t be any worse than Dagobah, it even has gigantic bug life! We have a couple kamakazi Japanese beetles that have been zooming around being a pain. One landed on my bum while I was using the facilities (and THAT’s not something I’d care to go through again, thankyouverymuch), while another landed on my LIP while I was drinking and the last one, or maybe the same one, landed in the machine while TheMan was yanking things in frustration Monday. That particular bug is now dead but there’s always a bigger bug.

TheMan installed and updated Windows and EQ, defragged the drive and wala! This morning it was a happy, happy machine (well, save for the whole drive thing. It beats having to hit enter 5 times because files have randomly disappeared and the machine is freaking about them though). He even took his character out for a test drive in EQ and the machine runs much better. Welcome back machine! There’s nothing a good hard drive wipe can’t cure. Sorta.

BTW, it’s really quite amazing how much free space is on a newly wiped drive. Heh.

And from yesterday’s Kitty Intelligence Test I present you with these:


She is the box.

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