Valentine’s Blanket Weekend

Holy crocheting, Batman! This blanket took me just 10 days to make. 10!!1!!

So…uhhh…I might have a crocheting problem. I made this blanket in 10 crocheting days (13 contiguous days; I took a couple off there at the end) which…ummmm…yeah. I also finished off Spider Baby Blanket in a pretty short time considering Blanket Project 3 and/or 3A took me just about 2 years to complete. Maybe this is the year I make a crochet project a month!

Here’s a little close up of the edging detail. This blanket was made out of 100% preconsumer material…which means that I found some leftover yarn from another roject and put it to good use. I also decided to change up the edging and use a sort of shiny yarn to border the blanket (alos from another project – Go Me!) so it would look a little like a ribbon. At least that was the thought behind the two different yarns.

Spider Baby Blanket in its entirety for you to ogle at. The fun thing about Spider Baby Blanket is that it pretty much looks like this when it’s lying there.

And then when you hold it to the light (or use a flash apparently) the awesomeness of Spider Baby Blanket shines through. Spidery!

Guess what I did Friday? You would totally be wrong if you said crochet, believe it or not. I took Friday off because the blanket doesn’t need to be done until the 22nd and I was already on the second round of the outside edging. Instead, I played Warcraft. Of course I did.

They are/were having this Valentine’s thing going on so I spent way more time than I should have trying to get a good chunk of the achievements done. Sadly, this meant having to do something every hour, since that was the reset timing of the thing, and really, what can you do in an hour but booger around? This I did, very well. I also looked at some of the old world and Outland achievements to see if I could wrap them up during the one hour wait. Then I worked on some rep grinding and la-la-la BORING!

I never did get two things out of a list of 14 that I needed. Stoopids.

Saturday we boogered around some more on Warcraft in the morning and then thought about going to the car museum and poking around. Sadly, they are more of a car auction house with occasional museum hours and really? We couldn’t be arsed. We even nixed a stroll to the brew pub cuz we wuz feeling teh lazy. Later on I took a delicious nap while TheMan fixed up some of the best stir fry he’s ever made. Then we signed back on to Warcraft, got punted from the server when it went down and decided to create two new characters on a different server (which was up and running). We played there a while, got in a guild, got to level 10 and surprised the beegeebus out of our guildies with our mad phat leveling 5k1llz. Perhaps we’ve been playing Warcraft a bit too long methinks but then again, the orc and troll beginning quests are the most awesome intro quests out there. LAZY PEON QUEST FTW!!! We then hopped back to the regular server for more boogering when it came back online. It was an awesome Valentine’s Day!

Sunday was more Warcraft (because I was still missing two thingits!) and then TheMan’s game in which I finished the baby blanket. In real life that is, in game we did things and stuff which were pretty fun given we hadn’t played since the middle of December.

And now it’s Monday and I even logged on early early in the morning so I’d have a chance at two more tries for the two missing items before they reset the server at 8 A.M. and do you know what I got? NOTHING! Warcraft is so stupid!

2008: JSFR: Winter Pocky!

2007: One blanket in a week and a half? I gotta rest up for that!

2006: Well, what do you know, you can use cayenne pepper on anything.

2005: I don’t think I’m wearing my pants.

2004: Mmmm, brains. Brains with rum sauce….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

2003: Plus I gotta rest up for a full day of nothing.

3 Responses to “Valentine’s Blanket Weekend”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Oh, I wish you’d boogered down to the CB on Valentine’s Day–first, your favorite Stalker Patti & Tzeb were there and second, they had the most awesome “red hot lovers” ale…it was made w/ cinnamon candies and it was way good!

    Glad you had a good day though 🙂 Blankies are beautiful

  2. Boo Says:

    Yeah, missing out on CB was a decision we hesitated on for quite a while. Buuut we were fantastically lazy and ultimately decided to bag the trip, even though we thought the odds were really good you twos would be there so we could stop and holler hello at you.

    Thanks for the blankie complement! The yellow one didn’t turn out exactly like I thought it should but it’s decently presentable (it’s for a preggers ex coworker). I was sad at first about the Spider Baby Blankie because on a light yarn you can totally see the spidering and you can’t really with the dark yarn. However, it’s really, really soft and stealth spidery so that’s making up for the initial disappointment. Plus, I like calling it Spider Baby Blankie.

  3. Bubbles Says:

    Lazy Peon Quest is full of win and might actually be my favorite quest in the entire game (that I’ve done anyway), but The Barrens make me want to /wrists. Stupid Barrens.

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