The Friday Five (3-12-04)

Have I mentioned how much I hate the One, Two, Three format?

1. What was the last song you heard?

Well, the last song I remember hearing was one of TheMan’s many (many, MANY) renditions of “Burning Ring of Fire”. He used to do a free form radio show and one day he collected all the Burning Ring of Fire songs he could find and played them as a show. Somehow this stuck long after he was off the air and as a result he has everyone from Johnny Cash to some German group doing their best (or worst) to this piece of music.

I believe this particular version was done by The Bobs and it’s one of the remakes that rocks. It’s all a cappella. Other versions are more painful to endure, like another kind of Bob, one who couldn’t keep a tune if you stapled it to his forehead. He even has one done by Olivia Newton John. It’s VERY 80s, and not in that good way.

While we play EQ we usually have the powerbook plugged in and playing tunes so I couldn’t tell you if The Bob’s Burning Ring of Fire was indeed the last tune or if it was the hillbilly version of Dark Side of the Moon. Yes, TheMan has strange taste in music.

2. What were the last two movies you saw?

Are we including…oh no! It has suddenly occurred to me that we haven’t watched a single movie, in the theater or on TV, since the last Smithee Movie culling. I’m going to have to truthfully say that “Night of 1000 Cats” and “The Tattoo Connection” were the last two movies I saw. Now I am going to have to go hide my head in shame.

3. What were the last three things you purchased?

SHOES! I bought Birks and stuff to keep the cork of the Birks crack free, I hope. Then I went out for coffee and got me a cappuccino. Hippy shoes and coffee, what better combination?

4. What four things do you need to do this weekend?

Dishes. Like you thought I wasn’t going to say that? Yes, the Horde is back but so far it’s only a mini-horde. I plan to tackle those pesky dishes tonight, or at least get a good start on them so that we aren’t running around like headless chickens on Saturday again.

Which reminds me, we also have to go shopping for sub sammich fixings, again for Saturday. As long as we are speaking of Saturday, we have to tidy up, swiffer, and vacuum too. Oh, laundry. That’s sort of six tings unless you count tidying, swiffereing and vacuuming as “cleaning the house” in which case I’m back to four.

What I want to do is get the frog to level 29. I just may put that on the “things I need to do” list because the poor frog is three monsters away from a new level. It isn’t a happy keen fun level, but still, three things. THREE!

5. Who are the last five people you talked to?

I just talked to Dan. He gave me my new OED and took away my old one. That’s good because TheMan and I were wondering how to pronounce “cetacean” and it reminded me that we hadn’t come to a satisfying conclusion to that thread yet. The answer would be “sih-TAY-shun” not “CEE-ti-sen”. Unless you were Mexican and talking about the whale republic I suppose.

Well, duh TheMan is also one of my five. We had a whole conversation on what animals we would or would not like to be reincarnated as. It all started with the stupid ducks who didn’t fly south for the winter and are now paddling around in nasty cold wet freezing morning lake. No thanks, I don’t ever want to be a duck. I don’t understand how birds don’t get frostbite on their feet. Yeah I know they hunker on them with their downy selves (the same downy self that keeps me warm in my blanket) but not the bottoms! Their bare bird feets soles are resting right on the cold wires or roofs or whatever. How do they keep the feet bottoms from freezing off?

And since it’s early I’m going to have to dredge back to yesterday to find my other three. In the communicating sense, TheMan and I adventured with Karelar last night in EQ. That was pretty darned cool, I haven’t talked (written? webbed? on-lined? whatever) to Karelar in a loooong long time. He’s an old CW member, I believe, that I met through Dirge. It’s good to meet up with people you’ve talked with years past. Now if only Balkin would get his butt on-line (and Cz would be cool to talk to too) that would be fun. Still, it was a hoot to go adventuring with Karelar and we did pretty well (we went to the moon!).

My sis called last night too and we talked. I had sent her an Easter package, complete with a cow, and she was all geeked because it had arrived on her doorstep. She says she never gets packages in the mail so this was a lot of fun. She did lament a little that she gave up candy for lent and I just sent her a whole box of candy. Hee. Eh, it’ll keep and she only has what, three more weeks? OK four. Sucks to be her I guess. *g*

Hmmm. Five eh? Probably number five was one of the desk assistants or a librarian or someone from work. I don’t remember, it was probably one of those stupid conversational leaving things where you just sort of say something and the person says something back and you forget about it a minute later.

Last Year at the booniverse: Meeting number two. So…am I doing flyers? Maybe yes? No? Yes! I’m eating CAKE! Hell yes!

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