Full Circle of Weekend Recapping

Give it up fro a weekend recap! Whooo! BTW, this is my 360th entry. Go me!

You want to know what we did on Friday? So did I for a good deal of the day yesterday and part of today. All I could remember of Friday was that I thought I *ought* to do the dishes but I opted not to because I just didn’t feel like it. After thinking a bit, I remembered that Mom Q was in town so we all went out for dinner. Dinner was great! We went to Macaroni Grill and I got whatever it was special thing that they had a picture of on the insert. Yup, shiny. Oooo! Looks tasty, I’ll have one of those! It was, which was good, and I enjoyed it muchly. After that, we were wild and crazy and went home where I toddled off to bed while TheMan dinked around with Garage Band. The epitome of party we are.

Because I got to bed relatively early, I was up exceedingly early on Saturday (a travesty in my book) and was NOT going back to sleep. So I did dishes! I figured I would get sleepy and then crawl back into bed where I ought to be but that never happened. BAH! I got into a cleaning thing though, and the next thing I knew the dishes were shaping up, I found the island counter and the stove was all wiped down. A-whoot! I still would have liked to have gotten a little more shut eye I think.

We zipped out to lunch with Mom Q and Dort, and then it was Meijers for Smithee Watching food supplies. We then zoomed home, got the rest of the cleaning done and had about 20 minutes to sit around before the first person showed up. The movies went well; we saw a classic stupid critter movie called “The Creature that Challenged the WORLD!” which was about a bunch of giant killer [ninja] snails that managed to get out of their desert lake and into a canal before they were blown up by our heroes. Yup, the world was sure in danger there. My two questions are: How do you NOT hear a 15 foot snail slurp up on you and how can you not outrun a 15 foot snail hauling around an appropriately proportioned shell? There was also the whole question of a salt water soft bodies critter happily playing in a fresh water canal but hey, SCIENCE!

“Tale of The Mummy” was our next flick and it was surprisingly good! It was very high end Smithee, almost a real movie save for a couple cheesy F/X and one grossly lame ending. It had some recognizable names too, like Christopher Lee! Man, he has the BEST death scene ever (and, of course it’s about 10 minutes into the movie). He gets some sort of decrepifying mummy curst that causes him to go all brittle like and shatter but he still crawls across the floor to the explosives trigger to save the world (breaking in all sorts of places along the way). Sorta. Jason Lee is in this as well (although he isn’t as good as I have seen him), and Sean Pertwee who looked incredibly familiar so I imdb’d him. He was in Soldier (he was the Father of the mute kid) and Event Horizon (pilot dude, I think he gets vivosectioned). I love imdb! The Tale of the Mummy had some funny lines by the resident wacko (Sean Pertwee) and I liked the creeping bandages that were supposed to be the mummy spirit or whatever. Flying mummy wrap is cool!

Lastly we saw “The Dark Planet” and it was meh. Back to the old Smithee standards! All in all, a good watching from the “Bag of Evil” which had about 20 more movies to go. Bad bag!

Sunday we ambled out of bed, had us some “Mexican burrito sammiches” which turned out more like failed open faced burritos (shutup) but were tasty. We also tried Morning Star Farms Veggie sausage links and for veggie sausage they are the BOMB! Unfortunately as sausage they are meh. Their corn dogs are still the best and the spicy black bean burgers rock too. After munching, TheMan headed to work and I headed out to shop and pester Dirge and Shar. I accomplished both and then swung by the Chinese/Korean place to pick up dinner for the hard working guys at TheMan’s office.

Except dinner was closed! BAH! Who closes a Chinese/Korean restaurant at 5:00 Sunday? So, instead of me bringing food to the guys, we all went out to Outback and ate there. Good stuff! Of course this means I did not get laundry done, or dishes done or any thing done that I wanted to so I feel like my entire weekend slipped by without any real accomplishment. I hate weekends like that. Hey, I suppose I got socks (for the Smithee sock puppets) so it wasn’t a total bust.

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