Technology does not impress the cat.

Weaning off the old Powerbook goes steadily in increments. I’ve relocated it upstairs to my “JSFR/Smithee Prep” work area while the new MacBook has taken over the computer spot on the coffee table. However, I still don’t have a means to get pictures from the camera to the laptop on the MacBook so I have to trek upstairs to post pics. Come to think on it, I still have my pics to post folder on the old machine. I’m going to have to move that.

Anyway, another step in breaking in the MacBook happened yesterday when TheMan asked me to fire up iChat. He was dinking around on his new iPod touch and wanted to test some chatty things out. Buuuuut before we could do that, we had to set up iChat with the old me on the new laptop. I keep running into bits and tweaks that still need to be made (I need to sit down and have a serious one on one with Word sometime really, really soon) and I suspect I’ll be running into more here and there. We jumped the hoops and got me all iChatty and lo! Who should be on but Rob. TheMan did his iPod thing (it doesn’t work as well as when chatting on a computer. Perhaps there is some setting thing that needs dinking with) while Rob and I chatted.

Rob has a new puppy he wanted to show off so the next technology pokery was to figure out how to get the video up and videoing so we could see the new puppy. My MacBook comes with a built in camera which is cool but kinda creepy (Open the pod bay doors, HAL). We vid chatted for a while until Randal of the 2Ls popped online. Randal! of the 2Ls! Hawsome! We figured out 3 way viding (Rob, TheMan and me, Randal of the 2Ls) and spent the rest of the night chatting with tomorrow in New Zealand. We even got to see Randal of the 2Ls little girl. I think the last time we “saw” her was when Randal of the 2Ls’s wife was pregnant. What was that…3 years ago. Oi!

We stayed up way too late but dang it was good to see and hear from Randal of the 2Ls and his fam. I have no idea why we don’t vid chat more often, it’s way cool.

2008: Randall is hard to catch online.

2007: Friday night also included a trip to the movies! In an actual theater! With actual movie prices! That we had to put a second mortgage out on the house to afford!

2006: Rob is also a wily one to pin down.

2005: Getting both of them on at once?

2004: Without either leaving the horizontal position or exposing more than his foot and toes he proceeded to flail about in an attempt to close said window with his foot.

2003: Last time that happened was three or four years ago.

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