Impromptu Tuesday

Tuesday at my job
draining all my will to live.
Must do check lists now

Impromptu Haiku for you today. It’s not Issa but it will have to do. Hey, it beats the impromptu driving tunes of this morning which included, but were not limited to, “Ass-hat, he’s there, one day, driving, like he has a death wish.” and “This light’s a red light, that light is red too, and that one’s turning before I can go through. It doesn’t matter how slow or fast I go. All lights are red for me and you!”.

Bah! Snow! What’s with the white? At least it is warm out (but the snow has seen fit to stick to the ground. Weird!), relatively speaking. In fact, it seems warmer to me today than it did yesterday…but…snow? Huh. I wish it would let up already because I am a creature of lazy comfort and I have someplace I need to go sometime today. Most preferably not when it’s dusting snow from the heavens. Yup, there’s lazy for ya; I don’t want to go out if I have to deal with the smattering of snow that is lingering about. I think I am officially ready for the Winter of 2003/4 to just move along to a thing of the past. Go on, winter, move your winter-butt!

*runs and looks outside, then heaves a disappointed sigh* Well, it works for the cats so I thought I’d give it a try.

Oi! On days like today it’s tough to write an entry. I’d be done already if I were all about the diary thing: Tuesday night, got home, ate a tasty hammm and cheese melt sammich TheMan whipped up, played EQ and went to bed. Sadly, that was about all that happened. I went to kid’s class too but there you have the highlight of that particular escapade. It was a pretty meh day all around. We did get some boss exp in EQ and my frog got new spells but other than that…nada. Look, one small paragraph and my whole day is outlined in sufficient detail. How sad.

I have been thinking of posting something about the gay marriage issue but I’m not in a good rant mood today. You gotta have a good crank going in order to tackle an entry devoted to that sort of topic because there is some fucked up shit going down with that whole issue. Not that I know politics but I think there is this document somewhere from early on that says something about the separation of church and state. Oh yeah, I remember, it’s called the CONSTITUTION. For the record, I think the only threat that gays pose to the sanctity of marriage is that maybe they are just as human as the straight people and maybe that makes some of the straighter straight people a wee bit uncomfy. You think? Fucking religious conservatives.

Hey, I have a thought, if you don’t like the idea of same sex marriages in your church DON’T MARRY THEM IN YOUR CHURCH! But don’t get all uppity godlier than thou when it becomes a legal issue beyond your own tiny cannon law mind. Have your fits and rants all you want from the pulpit, just don’t take them to the steps of the capital because they don’t belong there. Period. These people make me want to found my own religion, one that says “Love your neighbor as you would yourself”. Oh wait! Silly me, there is already a religion that says that. Whoda thunk?

BAH! So today I don’t think I could really do that piece as much justice as it deserves and it’s a piece that I really want to write well. Hopefully I’ll put more down in words at some later date rather than just keep thinking about it. It seems to me that there is a Columbia piece I have been meaning to write for over a year now as well and that hasn’t happened yet either. Hey, I’m working on it!

Instead, you get my other grumble that has been festering in my head for a while. Being completely self centered and extremely boo-centric I ask the journaling community at large “Why can’t people update their journals more frequently?” Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever and shut up but I don’t understand people who update maybe once a month. I get twitchy going a couple days without posting (except for weekends. Don’t know what’s up with that) and I feel like I ought to post at least something if I haven�t posted in a while. Maybe it’s just me (heh, no mostly it’s just me but we aren’t talking about that aspect of my self centeredness right now) but what’s the point of having a journal if you are only going to update it once in a blue moon? I don’t get it.

Ahhh well. I suppose people write like they want to and free will and ownership and blah blah individual style cakes but damn! Come-on people, I have nothing to read and I’m a nosy SOB. Plus, I get irritated with journals that have these enormously lengthy dry spells with a tease of an entry every here and there. (Unless it’s due to one of those Very Bad Things that crop up from time to time. Things happen.) Makes a reader just throw up their arms in disgust and walk off. Y’all just don’t update frequently enough for me to care anymore and that’s sad because I used to like to read your stuff. Well, not YOU y’all because none of my three readers are anything like that, it’s the OTHER y’all who I’m talking to. Hey, and don’t tell me about being too lazy to update either, you are talking to the pot here when you mention lazy and I manage to get at least three entries up a week (OK, yeah one’s usually a Friday Five and there is the Snack Food Review but I try for at least one piece of original boo blather a week).

Heh, someone somewhere is posting (as we speak) an entry about bloggers who will just NOT SHUT UP ALREADY and they are looking right at the booniverse. *wave* Hello! Yes, I blather and I’m proud of it! I am the queen of blather! I can out blather Joan Rivers if I put my mind to it (except that would be effort and we all know how I feel about effort). My three loyal…wait a minute…make that two loyal readers know they can come by the booniverse once a week and read new content. I know I like to read new content on the journals I visit so I try to do the same for my readers. Both of you!

Alright, I’ve said my mind and I’m going back to doing stuff. BAH!

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