Grasshopperless Too

On this day of wearing green, drinking beer and eating corned beef hash, let’s take a moment and remember the less looked upon saint who is also celebrated around this same time: Saint Urho. I’m wearing purple undies, how are you celebrating?

Actually, my purple and green wearing is totally but fortuitously an accidental happenstance. The undies just happen to be the pair closest to the grab zone when I dipped into my drawer of undergarments and the green velour oversized floppy turtle-neck shirt is not the red one. It was a tough choice today, I knew I wanted to wear one of my velour shirts and since I found the green one and the red one available it came down to those two choices. The red one has a thumb width hole in the turtly part of the neck, which has been there since I bought the shirt over five years ago (yeah, I’m working on the whole “mending” thing. It doesn’t show and hasn’t gotten any bigger so I usually just let it be). Today I once again thought “Oh, the red shirt has a hole in the neck.” as I contemplated it, and I decided that today was just not a hole in the neck day. So I went with green. Lucky me eh?

I did decide to drink Irish Breakfast tea today, in celebration, and I snagged a piece of Irish Soda Bread that one of the Librarians had made. Wow. No wait, WOW! I expected to get the usual dry and salty piece of bread to chew on so I could say, through choked gasps of desiccated mouth, “Well, I’ve had my traditional Irish fare”. Not this bread. It was thick, moist, slightly sweet and very thumpy. It even had raisins in it and I loved it anyway. Two thumbs up for this bread! In fact, I think it should get more than two thumbs, maybe three or four or hey, how about many thumbs! Many thumbs up for this great bread! Excuse me, I’m going to have to go borrowing thumbs in order to get my thoughts across because damn, that was good bread!

Continuing in the festive mood, Badmovie has concocted a plan for celebratin’ th’ day w’ a wee bit o’ Irish fun. Of course, we are talking Badmovie here, so his form of fun will come to the Q house on video tape with a “Leprechaun 6” label. I had no idea they had gotten as far as 6, but Badmovie found it and rented it and we will be watching it tonight. Lunargeography will be partaking in the pain too, but she will be bringing booze to help soften the blow. I love Lunargeography! She is Badmovie’s sane and practical half in times like these. TheMan and I went out yesterday to procure a little sense deadening drink of our own and came home with a bottle of Tullamore Dew. Ahhh, Irish Whisky, Bailey’s, coffee…we are set. Bring on the midgets in green I say!

TheMan and I also stumbled across a new scotch line called…errr…Longman? Lorman? Anyway, they are marketing their scotch like one would wine, giving it strange names like “Ebb Tide” and “Driftwood” and bottling it in wine looking bottles. I dunno if that is genius or sheer folly strategy on their part, but it intrigued me. Not the scotch as wine part but the scotch as scotch part. The fella at the Cheese, Cheese, Cheese place said they were pretty high end and one of them was very smoky in a BBQ smoke sort of way, rather than a peaty smoke sort of way. That too intrigued me, so we got one!

I can’t remember what one we actually went with, Driftwood or Ebb Tide, but it was the darkest one of the lot I believe. Nice caramel color to it too, very pretty and yes, it smells vastly smoky. I liked it, it was like drinking a campfire, but not so hot and much more wet. The taste was smooth too. No wait, smoooooooooth. No, wait…Sssssssmmmmmooooooooooth. Man, it was some incredibly mellow scotch. I loved it! I wanted to marry it! I wanted to have it’s little scotch babies. Then the aftertaste hit. Ew. Maybe not so ew as say, The Balvenie Doublewood (narsty) but it was an unpleasant slightly manufactured taste that crept in after the amazing smooth. Maybe it’s a peat thing or maybe it’s a “not aged in a cask” thing but it was incredibly disappointing after the amazing smooth. I really wanted to like it too, but…

Ahhh, Tullamore Dew. I should have known that Ebb Tide/Driftwood was too good to be true with its dashing good looks and smooth style. It just came in and swept me off my feet in a whirlwind fling and now I know the error of my ways. Will you ever forgive me for straying?

Heh, well it should be an interesting time tonight and really, how bad could this movie be? Right? Tune in tomorrow and I’ll let you know…that is assuming I manage to make it through the whole flick without mental or physical damage. I wonder if we have enough booze in the house to watch this movie? Hmmm!

(Don’t tell Tullamore Dew, but Driftwood/Ebb tide’s brothers have me intrigued. Will THEY be as disappointing after a few sips? Maybe the lighter ones will be more forgiving on the palate?)

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