Where’s Me Gold?

Hee! Sometimes a Doodle comes out that you just have to share. Go take a peek, I linked the pic! Look at my l337 5Ki11z! (which had a bit of help from TheMan. Thanks babe!)

Well, we survived the watching of Leprechaun 6: Back 2 tha’ Hood. There was much booze involved but…errr…well…see, the film wasn’t that bad. No really! Well, Ben Hur it aint (no horses!) but I expected it to be incredibly nasty in a “Why AM I watching this?” way and it was…enjoyable. Mind you , don’t be expecting a whole lot of flip and dazzle from either the film or the actors because you will be highly disappointed, but for a very low budget film this shone like a brass penny. We even *cough* watched it again in most of its entirety with the commentary track rolling. Hey, the director AND Warwick Davis (he’s the leprechaun) were doing commentary. Did you know Warwick Davis is only 3′ 6″ tall?

We didn’t get too much Smithee material out of it, a couple of lame CGI effects (the lame-thrower they concocted to “burn” the leprechaun and the lame-bow � to which Lunargeography commented that Skittles does it better, were two of the noteworthy nominees) and mostly one liners and promo lines. So many one liners and so many promo lines. The film was just a little too good in a very average kind of way to yield much else. The actors all gave good solid B performances, the script was simple yet it did the job and the cinematography wasn’t fantastic but not too shabby. Plus, we learned they filmed the entire movie in three weeks.

Three weeks! They give college students longer to scrape together film projects that are a tenth the length of this film. Three weeks! You almost have to forgive some of the lameness because…three weeks! For my first foray into the Leprechaun series I had an exceedingly fun time watching the movie…twice. Oh yeah, and drinking booze. That was fun too.

You don’t want to know how much booze we went through, let’s just say we were all pleasantly happy. Well, except for Badmovie who doesn’t drink, but he too liked the movie so that says something. I’m not sure what though, since he also brought a “Portsmouth Symphonia” album for us to listen to. That’s OK, we had booze! Bring on the little guys in green and the squeaky trombones!

Last Year at the booniverse: Did he even bother to check with me first to see what I was doing? Noooo-ooo, he just went on and planned his little war. All I’m saying is that he just better not show up in the same dress or I’m going to be right pissed.

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