The Friday Five! (3-19-04)

One of my popular (or repetitive if you aren’t a fan of boo-isims) things to say when I run across something that just doesn’t jive with me is “When I take over [said type of thing] I’ll fix it in this better way.” Sometimes I just go with a blanket “When I take over The World” because once you take over the world you can pretty much correct any minor annoyance. Other times I just don’t feel like being Supreme Ruler so I settle for taking over the continent, town or just plain business. Today’s Friday Five caters a wee bit to the tiny dictator in me.

If you…

1. …owned a restaurant, what kind of food would you serve?

Hmmm! I’m not sure I have ever wanted to take over a restaurant so lemmie think a bit on this. While I’m thinking of a food genera, let me tell you a little bit about my restaurant. First off, all my staff would not only know the definition of service but they could use it in a sentence too. They would be terribly yet unobtrusively attentive so the diners wouldn’t ever have to flag them down for anything, they would be right there. They would fill water glasses before anyone even though they might need filling, they would always be exceptionally polite and they would never be chummy or overly friendly. You don’t come to a restaurant to hang with the wait staff.

Still thinking on the food, although the wait staff thing is reminding me of Yotsuba’s. If you are in the area I highly recommend going there for eats (it’s Japanese). Most of their staff is amazingly polite, respectful and really good at their jobs. Now that I know who is going to be working there, let me take a moment to describe the restaurant’s atmosphere. I think I just might have to have lots of giant aquariums. I love wall sized aquariums with big old swimmy fish cruising around. Decorum dictates that I should then have a sea food place but that always seemed a little weird to me. Anyhow, I’d have the booths and tables set so that each place seemed intimate, perhaps like the entire restaurant was set with just that one table in mind. Of course there would be more than one table, but I want the diner to feel that they and they alone are the restaurant’s patron for the evening. There would be enough light to see all of your dinner (I hate places that are dimmed so much that it’s hard to tell the mayo from the ranch dressing) but not so much light that it is glaring. I like a little soft candle light thing going, maybe there will be a bunch of neat candles.

Oh and stone! Gotta have stone because it looks cool. Yeah, still working on the food. I think I’m going to go with ” Sorta Americanesque” but not in a pretentious way. The dishes will be in the $18-$30 a plate range but they will be the kind of $18-$30 where you feel satisfied spending that on a dinner. There will be sea food, pasta, beef, lamb, chicken and a good vegetarian selection and I think I’ll just let my chef experiment. If the chef feels like doing Italian, well then Italian will be a special. If the chef wants to do something Cajun, well then Cajun will be on the menu. Maybe I’ll tell my chef to go ahead and think way out of the box, do their own chefy thing, create their own style.

I do know that I’m going to have to hire a kick ass dessert chef because my restaurant will have THE bossest desserts, both the standard fare and really cool fancy desserts. Mmmm, I’m getting hungry.

2. …owned a small store, what kind of merchandise would you sell?

I’ve always been fascinated by office supply places and hobby stores. I don’t think you can combine them though, at least you can’t in my mind. Hmmm, wait a minute…if I owned either one of these kind of shops I would, of course, have all sorts of cool stuff along with the basics so my customers would only have to go one place for their hobby or office supply needs. However, that is the problem, I’d have all sorts of cool things. Think of it, my own place with all the noodly cool gadgets and paints and things for train sets or miniatures or loads of shiny pens and reams of colorful post-its. I’d never go home! Maybe that’s not such a good idea.

The other thought is a book store that had an amazing selection in whatever you were looking for but again, is that such a good idea for me? If I did a book store I’d also handle used books too and have some sort of community program that encouraged reading. There would be a nice coffee shop in one corner and comfy chairs and maybe a cozy fire for the winter months. Perhaps there would be a small enclosed garden as well for when the weather is nice. Oh, and a couple aquariums. I wouldn’t mind people hanging and reading, in fact I might even have daily or weekly (or both) reading programs fro both kids and adults. I’d feature local artists in an open mike night or hold book discussions on a topical book or even have writer’s workshops here and there. Certainly I would cater to the small publisher people so they too could get their books out in the light of day. I like the way this is shaping up!

OK, I’m sold on the community book store plus shop.

3. …wrote a book, what genre would it be?

If we are talking a book I actually could write given my current “talents” in the area it would have to be fantasy. I think I would have to do way too much research in any other genera in order to write a good book (and I would like my book to be good, at least in the technical stand point. Well, and in the reading stand point too, but anyone can take the time to get all their facts straight and at least present their story in a believable fashion if they put their mind to it. It takes a little creative talent to tell the story in an interesting way. I guess this little tangential sidetrack is really saying that I want my book to be factual and for me that would involve a lot of leg work before writing it so that my readers believe what I am telling them as well as how I am telling it to them. Back to your originally scheduled program). I’m too lazy and inpatient to do research and with fantasy you can do a lot of your own creating…which doesn’t involve as much research into story facts. Although it DOES involve keeping track of your own creations in order to maintain continuity (hello, Anne McCaffery? Just sayin’) but some notes ought to help with that.

If I could really write well in any genera, I’d love to write mysteries. A good Whodunit (you know, one where you really don’t know the culprit until the end, or maybe you do know the culprit but not know how they…errr…culprited) is extremely fun to read. I just don�t do revealing of the pertinent facts very well and you have to be able to write so that the mystery is believable at the end but not entirely given away by the middle of the book.

4. …ran a school, what would you teach?

I’d like to see a school where kids were taught well in their early years. I’m not sure one little school run by me would cut the mustard but wouldn’t it be awesome if every elementary kid knew their basic math and how to read and other developmental necessities? There would be no more instances of high school kids graduating and not knowing how to read (or read well). Every kid would have the education they need to get into college without any adjustments or compensations (maybe not an ivy league college, but certainly something better than your standard community college. Not to knock community colleges if your place is the bomb, but the one around here seemed geared more towards the struggling C average student rather than someone wanting to learn about a subject. Then again, maybe I fell into the wrong class when I signed up to learn about literature…).

That would be the coolest, but it couldn’t be done with one single school (unless I took over the world and revamped the education system!) so I am going to go with having a language school. My school would offer maybe 10 languages and would have class room exercises with the standard book and paper, immersion classes with movies and tapes and media of that sort and the opportunity to actually go to wherever they spoke the language natively. I’d also hire native born speakers to teach all the classes. I’m a big fan of the native speaker teaching method.

5. …recorded an album, what kind of music would be on it?

Errrr…I dunno! I never considered recording an album. I might do something strange or off the wall weird like a bunch of the stuff TheMan listens to (ECC comes to mind, but not Cry Baby Duck *G*) or maybe I’d just do a bunch of books on tape. Heh, I’d write my book from question 3 and then read it on tape (disc).

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