Japanese Snack Food Review: Milk Tea Sable Biscuits


I’ve visited the Sable Biscuits before and the Milk Tea Sable Biscuits are in the same family. Like the Cheese cousins, the Milk Tea Sable variety has a crackery like base with a sweet coating on top. The Milk Tea biscuits were more graham like than their cheesy cousins but had that hint of Ritz to them too. If you could combine both graham cracker and Ritz cracker into one flat cracker like thing you might have a Milk Tea biscuit. You would, of course have to tone down the graham flavor until it was more reminiscent of graham than definitely graham, yet also keep the butteryness of a Ritz. The texture too is a weird amalgamation of Ritzy graham where it’s not quite crispity flaky cracker but not quite cookie like graham either.

That’s one thing that bothers me about these biscuits: Are they cookies or are they crackers? Are we talking the Brit biscuit in the cookie sense because despite the sweet coating these aren’t really in the cookie category. The base cracker-cookie isn’t sweet enough on its own to qualify as a cookie. We certainly aren’t talking the American biscuit because quick bread rolls these are not…although they taste more like a biscuit in that sense than they do a cookie. These critters confuse me, I want them to be clearly one or the other and they are not. Do I eat them with cheese or after dinner? I don’t know!

The one major difference between the Cheese Sable and the Milk Tea Sable is that there was no wondering what flavor these biscuits were. Out of the package you can smell wafting teaness to them and speckled throughout their tan crackerness are little dark flakes. I assume they are bits of tea leaf. The taste left no doubt, however, that these were tea flavored.

They were also very tea flavored. As Badmovie put it, “These taste enough like green tea that I don’t like them.” I’m going to have to agree with his sentiments there, the biscuits taste of very strong green tea. They also have a noticeable bitterness to them like tea that has steeped too long. Try spreading the sediment dregs of your next mug of green tea on a Ritz cracker that has been buddying up with your Honey Grahams and you will have a Milk Tea Sable biscuit. Oh yeah, I forgot the sugary coating. Well, just drink your green tea with about 4 tsp. of sugar and then you will be set.

The tasting crowd wasn’t impressed by the Milk Tea Sable Biscuits pretty much to the person but LunarGeography (who wasn’t at the original unveiling of the Milk Tea Sable Biscuits) couldn’t get enough of the cracker-cookies so it all really boils down to personal preference. If you enjoy the flavor of strong green tea in your cracker-cookie biscuit then these will be the snack for you. Personally, I am not so fond of green tea as a flavoring and my 5 guinea pigs weren’t either so I am going with a majority


of 2.5 Wasabi Peas out of a possible 5.

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