Don’t Let Your Johnson Get Ahead of You

And watch out for sliders. That’s pretty good advice, actually.

It is once again Monday which means I get to slack off and do a weekend recap. Mondays are golden like that.

So! The highlight of this weekend was attending Donald’s “Position Players Report” party. Donald is one of TheMan’s gaggle of awesome peeps and every year Donald has a “Pitchers and Catchers Report” party around Valentine’s Day. Sadly, I’ve never attended a Pitchers and Catchers Report party because it’s only for his single friends and meeting Donald through TheMan has put a bit of a crimp on that for me. However, not a year has gone by that I haven’t groused at the fact that I’ve never been able to attend a Pitchers and Catchers Report party and this makes me sad.

This year, Donald held his Pitchers and Catchers Report party but he said that he had come to a realization: More and more of his friends had significant others and the day when Donald was the only one who would be attending his party was fast approaching. Thus, he also put on a “Position Players Report” party (a week later…heh!) in which people with significant others were invited. Donald then went out of his way to personally deliver me an invite because I grumble. SQUEEE! Donald is an awesome host. He had some peanuts and Cracker Jack out for munchies (but of COURSE!) and ordered pizza for the lot of us and best of all, Donald has baseball movies. Oh yes he does.

ARRGH! Side note: I should have totally made apple pie to bring to the party! Now I’m going to have to go back in time and tell myself to make some apple pie for this weekend because that would have wrocked.

Anyway, we watched The Sand Lot and Little Big League which doubled the number of baseball movies I’ve watched in my lifetime. Isn’t that just the saddest thing? 2! I’ve only ever watched 2 baseball movies and neither of them were Major League or A League of Their Own (I’ll let you guess which ones they might have been). The Sand Lot is awesome (and is filed up there with the other two AWESOME baseball movies I’ve seen) and Little Big League is a fun popcorn flick. I am now on a mission to watch at least two more baseball movies this year. I’m also on a mission to buy Donald a baseball movie he doesn’t have for his birthday (too late!) or Christmas but that’s going to be a lot harder to accomplish.

Lastly, Donald makes one mean Brandy Alexander. We must have had box seats.

Paling in comparison, there was also some Warcraft this weekend. We hit a heroic dungeon with the high level Warcraft squad and did pretty decently excellent. There were a couple of learning deaths (we went in cold and learned the dungeon’s strategy as we went) but all in all it was a lot of fun. Plus, I got a new healing ring. GOODIES!! We also dusted off the lowerbies and got Tan some goodies. He’s still 71 but now he has level appropriate gear.

The other fun Warcrafty thing we did was revamp Tzeb, our quiet guildie. Tzeb plays a damage dealing warrior (versus a tanking warrior) and when we took him through a dungeon a couple weeks ago we realized he was almost being out damaged by the healer (hi!). This is not good for a class that is supposed to be kicking some hiney so this weekend we did ExTREME makeover Tzeb. My crazy leveling coworker talked him through a tighter respec and the rest of us made things and stuff more appropriate to a damage dealing warrior menace. We gave him some axes to play with and even though his axe skill was pretty poor, he doubled the damage he had been doing. Tzeb is going to wrock when he gets all settled in.

Finally, crocheting! I did it. I guess that’s the nice thing about February being so cold and miserable; it’s kinda cozy to be crocheting a blankie. I’m about 3/4 the way through this project but it’s not going as fast as the last two blankets. It feels like I’m going to be 3/4 of the way through it for a very long time to come. Meh. I finally went about organizing all the blanket projects into Xerox boxes and now I find that I keep having other uses for Xerox boxes. I guess this means I’ll have to finish up the blankets that are living in the boxes so I can repurpose them. Right? Right!

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3 Responses to “Don’t Let Your Johnson Get Ahead of You”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Tzeb had a great time! Despite his headphones, I would still carry on conversations with him (you won’t believe what he agreed to!! :)) so I had a great time, too.

    Baseball movies….???? The Natural and Eight Men Out? I love baseball movies because I love baseball!

  2. Sean K. Says:

    I’m going to guess the two Kevin Costner baseball movies: Bull Durham and Field of Dreams.

  3. Boo Says:

    Woah! StalkerPatti hit them exactly on the head. Man, I LOVE Eight Men Out, it’s like the Right Stuff of Baseball (except not as happy awesome). I don’t own The Natural but I should.

    Field of Dreams I’ve seen about half of so it sort of counts. But I don’t like Kevin Costner so I’m not all that excited to see the whole shebang. Plus, cornfields sort of freak me out. Children and aliens live there. And apparently dead baseball dudes too.

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