Bad Booze! No Biscuit!

Recapping the weekend, in no particular order I’ll just say Sunday was a bad (but good) food and bad (but bad) booze day. Hmmm! Looks like this just may fall under SAST! Lucky you!

First of all, lemmie say I’m freezing many parts of my anatomy off but the most notable has got to be my fingers. DAMN it’s cold here. I’m doing all sorts of great typos because my fingers aren’t as fast as my brain thinks they are and no matter how much my fingers go “Ahhh, see…wait, you don’t…but…” my brain is all about FULL TYPING AHEAD! It’s spring, folks, my fingers shouldn’t be visibly slower when I wiggle them about yet there they are, all cold and sssslllloooowwww.

Let’s not even go to my choice of clothes today. The fashion for booniverse denizens (population 1) is a nice soft mustardy yellow shirt (it is kind of the color of brown mustard mixed with a blobbit of mayo…I like it, very mayo-mustardy in a good way), matchy tan trouser socks (hey, I need to do laundry and ran out of fuzzy socks OK? Besides, I’m stylin in my snazzy trouser socks), sandals…because duhhhh and peridot accent jewelry. I look great, but I’m hovering way too close to hypothermia here. I for see a lot of hot tea this b-b-b-balmy spring day. Stupid Weather.

So then, booz and food. Yes, Sunday we had church plans, Big Boss day plans and dinner at the mumses plans. So we ate a little breakfast on the way to church to fuel up for the stretch between End Of Church and Big Boss Day. However, no one told us that there was going to be this social pot luck for the potential new pastor. We stayed and ate a small bit of pot luck and then headed home to change and buzz out to Big Boss Day.

As a side note, I had no sweeties, except a finger full of brownie trailings from a dish I cut up. I felt sad for the one tin of (microwave) brownies on the dessert table that hadn’t even been touched while the rest of the table looked like a school of land piranha had come and gone. That’s got to be the saddest thing in a pot luck; to see your dish untouched while everything else is mauled. Nothing quite says “That really sucks” than one lone untouched dish among the ruins. So I cut it up in hopes that it would seem more accessible to people. Of course I took the bits that were stuck to the knife off and then ate them (Mmmm!) and it was darned good! People had no idea what they were missing!

Hey! Guess who is too lazy to look up Big Boss Day in the archives? Whooo! Points if you said me! So in short, the Lion Dance troupe takes Scott-san out for dinner at this Chinese restaurant and we basically take over the whole joint, lion and all. We go through the restaurant and then tool around the little atrium in the mall (attached to restaurant). Every one gets under the lion and we all (or mostly) do forms. It’s a lot of fun and they have GREAT food there. I found a new fun tasty dish called “House Tofu” or something like that. The tofu really was kind of nasty but the veggies were GREAT! I loved the sauce so I had a plate of Tofu sauced veggies, which included a ton of broccoli. Then, I had the left over General Tso broccoli after everyone ate the Tso and then I had more broccoli in the seafood delight. I love broccoli! The little tree/leaf like things are the BOMB for catching sauce. However, man was not meant to eat so much broccoli in one sitting. Trust me.

After that, we zoomed north to the mumses for dinner. BRUUUUURP! Oi, too much food! Of course we had some more foodage at the mumses (and as usual, it was all boss) and although we were trying to only have a little food at each sitting, 4 hours is way too short a time for 3 small meals. I wasn’t particularly hungry this morning for some reason. Hmmm! (although it could be the temperature…perhaps I’m going into hibernation. Did I mention it’s bloody FREEZING here?)

Mumses and Mr. Paul returned from Italy last weekend (hence the get together), where they honeymooned, and they brought back some presents (*squeee*)! I got a glass life sized mosquito, a life sized ant and a life sized fly. Hee! If I remember I’ll post pics. TheMan got a bottle of pear wine, with a giant pear in the bottom of the bottle! So of course we had to try some when we got home.

BLECH! No, wait. GLLLLLARRRRRHHH, BLECH! Yow. First off, it wasn’t wine but a rough liqueur of vaguely pear flavor…sorta…but also a nice dose of bitter nasty yuck. We tried it plain, iced and thought that maybe over ice cream would curb the taste but no. I had to dive for a glass with a shot of Tullamore Dew to cleanse the palate. Ahhh, Tullamore Dew! Unfortunately, I forgot that the glass I picked up had been last used for drinking Bailey’s and not Tullamore Dew like I had remembered. So, I poured my Dew into a dreg nasty cup that had been sitting there getting all…welll you just don’t want to know. Neither do I, really, because I drank the Dew before I realized it was contaminated.

Nothing like trying to excise nasty pear liqueur aftertaste with curdled Bailey’s and Tullamore Dew taste. So, we cracked out a new Vodka we bought to cure the nasty nasty and ARRRRGH! It was the worst vodka I have ever tasted! It was not my night for booze I guess, I went to bed with nasty vodka to cover up the disgusting Tulla-Bailey’s which chased the horrid pear liqueur. After that fiasco, I may not drink for a couple months. Glah!

What happened Saturday? Hmmmm…well, ummm…Oh! Heh, we had the Traveler game and “The Battle for Kimi’s Head” which was kinda fun. Kimi has skidges in her head! Hee. Scott is morphing the campaign a bit and this session was all about getting the characters closer to his new vision. We get some cool bonus mystical goodies but we have to sacrifice some of our character to do so. TheMan did a little surgery on Jarro during the game and later at home he watched and suggested while I did some Kimi cuts. I’m happy with the new Kimi (a little less dex, a lot less combat – re: It’s All Gone! – plus a new “music” skill she picked up in the “Battle For The Head”. Kimi sings the blues!) and I can’t wait to see what sort of mystical magical goodies she gets in exchange for axing a whole pack load of offensive skills.

We didn’t do much after that because we took a nap…until 9am Sunday morning! Heh, whoops! Mmmm, tasty, tasty sleep.

Yeah, don’t ask about the laundry or the dishes. Hey! Have I mentioned that it’s cold???

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